Kapi Dhvaja 2023 January 22

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Kapi Dhvaja

2023 January 22


We are sitting in Pechartala, Tripura, India.

It (the location of the Sun) is 9.06AM.

Little cold.

Simple village compoud of Vijaya-govinda Das, traveling with H. H. Haridas Swami's Sankirtan party.

Like three intense programs and up to five hours of travel on

rough, ROUGH, R o U gH roads daily, but very nice audiences.

How are you?

We are keeping the Blog up to date: www.MonkeyWarrior.Com.

Write us there.

Of course, we Tweet the Sankirtan news every hour as necessary:

www.Twitter.Com "huber_robinson".

Our health is pretty good.

Our inflamed Belly-button has cleared up a little.

Eyes and everything are good for 75-year of donkey, but vertigo, hearing loss etc are part of our daily functioning.

On the other side of material life, duality, our intelligence is maturing.

Die as soon as possible.

Let Krsna keep you here in a spiritualized body or take you back to Goloka as he desires.


Pablo, ArtD, HpS, Raul, Sridhama, Ananta rupa Das, finished the DTC-UT (US) like 90%. Little more work to do.

No news in the Blog from ArtD et al about 'Solaris' or their DTC-UT report.

Also, no copy of the Board of Director's meeting that we had while we were in Bombay!



The Supreme Absolute Undifferentiated ASA Commando will Suspend NIOS as affiliates of ASA unless they appear in the Blog by the next Kapi Dhavja.

[HpS - These guys are tough!]

Writing this on our portable key board on our cell phone.




Tomorrow we go to Agartala and then Tuesday fly to Delhi for two nights.

Then Spain for a month.

Hope to finish DTC-UT {Spain} with Ambaris and V.Bh.N DD then.

Feb 22 - Mar 4th in Houston with Saranga, Srinivasa, Sugopis, Gopi natha...

Mar 4 - Apr 3 in Mexico (Montery and Mexico City).

After that we have no tickets but expect to stay in Nashville and Houston until maybe August.


Looking a Monkey's paper DTC for the last two weeks (and they are getting better and more pretty).

Inn Mumbai we visited with GBC Govinda Das and Sumanta rudra in Bombay about NIOS/BRC, and also Sumanta took us to meet everyone at the Department of Philosophy of Bombay University, who are giving the Sanskrita diplomas for BRC.

Talked with Subhadra, Varun, Rama-giridhari, Gauranga-darshana and then... to Manipura.


Thousands of Temple programs, initiations, Sadhubhusana, Vana-maili, Sarad, Yamunesvara...!..! .. Symposium on LOB at the Temple and big Univesity.

Was on television the night after.

Many very mature contacts for practical work with NIOS.

(If we get the Minutes of the last Board Meeting).


Then, this whirlwind tour with Hari Das Swami.

This Bhakti yoga of Srila Prabhupada is so, so authentic.

Our body-mind could not be doing this at 75-years old only because of years of Srila Prabhupada's Yoga.

Dhruva and Subhadra are wonderful association.

16-nice rounds and Mangala arti daily.


I guess that is the best we can do with the communication resources we have.

Maybe visit the "Sukalaya" one more time before we go down the sunlit pathway shaded by palm trees to get into the jeep to go to the picnic with disciples and visit two homes on the way.

See you in the Blog.

πŸ¦πŸŒ΄πŸ’ 🐷 πŸ€–

PPP - In a broad sense Tom and Buck are thinking that we have arrived at the third stage of ISKCON

  1. They will laugh at you.
  2. They will attack you.
  3. They will question you.

So, now the challege is not to duck but to stand up with real examples and real information.

Srila Prabhupada's idea is that the GBC should be Grhastas and Vanaprashtas. Let's not institutionalize the emergency management.

Then GBC should take Sannyasa and also have their duties.

Seems some devotees take Sannyasa but do not get beyond Kutichaka and remain attacked to certain Temples (as Presidents or GBC, or cooks) and the few (quality) possesions of Sannyasis.

GBC should be ultimate managing authority but Sannyasis should be the ultimate spiritual authorites.

Big challenge.

If we cannot give that example, O.K. let people know we have short comings, but we are On The Job!