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Hare krishna, dandavat pranam to guru Maharaj and all the vaishnava and vaishnavi agtsp.

with the permission of Maharaj and all the devotees I am hereby notified that those who want to own a 12×18 sq ft room near Maharaj's ashram is under process. Interested devotees please contact me.

With great regards

your servant

Vipina vihari dasa

Sri Radha kunda

+91 9634734432

HpS - AgtSP! We had very nice association with Vipin Prabhu in Radha kunda for several months. We was also taking charge of the Ashrama mangement and devotees felt that he did a rather good job.

I hear from Sasi, NgD's brother, that land ownership and construction in India can be a problem, but with due caution I think Vipin is good person work with in these things.

Of course, it is not "our Ashrama". Is Anjana Suta Acadamy".