Flow in Reading

Hare Krsna Master,

PAMCHO (please accept my careful humble obeisances)


We have problem in reading? When we read we keep on analysing/inferring from diff angle the part to our best level.

and we have to volunatrily stop ourself from reading due to hours/minute we can devote in it.

ASA - Hmmm. Mother Yasoda stopped giving breast milk to Krsna to save his cow's milk on the stove.

on the second hand, we do systematic/timely studies , then we finish the task, but are not able to go in depth , hence feel hollow or guiltful.

HpS - It's a problem. Hope you can make some progress in solving it!


It seems to us that above is debate between Raga and vaidhi and which again ABAT ( acintya bhed abhed tattva)

how do we balance or integrate them?

HpS/ASA - For us now, we can get a real feel of what is balanced, wholesome service in KC most of the time, and when we are confused it reminds us to chant HK, and the Holy Names inform us how to relate to our requirements in Karma, Jnana in serving little Gopal's interest.

Stopping and Chan Ting until you know what to do is always a great solution.