HPS VP 12.24.22

2 weeks ago by chas d lind in Special Category A

pamho, AGtSP!

Back in the Raja jungle of the USA. A humble reoffering as time permits.

Re posted my Report in the right format & location now, such as it is.

Here's the pre-amble/ intro, verbatim at the actual VP (microphone was not in synch):

" Well, seems Maharaja's austerities are rubbing off, we've been here 5 days and haven't even shopped at Loi Bazaar. As you all may see, I am one of Maharaja's less scholastic disciples, regardless let continue with the Vyasa Puja!"

Thank you again for your mercy & tolerance.

HpS - Thank you. I think your mind is merging in transcendence, then you will see that everything is a part of the kingdom of God and walk freely between the prison and the factory and the theater with Krsna.