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Hare Krsna Master, PAMHO, AGTSP

trying to follow your reading on twitter.


--"Hanumān rushed through the sky like a winged mountain,"

whats a winged mountain ?

HPS - I think they have different kind of wings than eagles or 747 have now. Maybe like advanced Karate guy walking on paper cups?

We had the same question.

--"The mountain and the sea-god both looked up at him and offered prayers and benedictions for his success."

can we offer both prayer and benediction to same person simultenously ?

HpS - yes, you can give cookies to the mailman at Krist Mass and also ask him to put packages out is sight on your porch so that thieves don't steal them..


Fog cleared. We go for Parikrama!


Can TB draw with this(https://vedabase.io/en/library/rkd/2/13/#bb1581077) multi color pen?

I think they can be basis for animation movie

TB-UG - We are investigating stylus for our Galaxy S9+.


Some reflections

--"He prepared to strike it with his chest." thats what tennis player and football players do .

--"Hanumān respectfully touched the peak" immediate change of thoughts

--when we serve SPOG, powerful demigods want to serve us....("The wind-god raced with him, fanning him with a gentle breeze.")

--even mountain can fly "in a long past age, many mountains flew in the sky"

--"Vāyu had saved Maināka from Indra." temple resident saving fellow from temple president ?

ASA -🏋🏋🏋

--"you have already rendered me service by your kind words", this very nice ,unique and doable service.

this description of Hanuman ji flying, do aerial manouvers, remind us of TOP GUN 2022 movie, may be they borrowed ideas from Hanuman ji.

--"Desiring to test him and see more of his prowess they approached Surasa, the mother of the Nāgas."....Indra said, “We want to see his power, as well as further expand the fame of this great servant of Rāma. Let us see how he overcomes you, O Nāga lady, for he will be greatly tested when he reaches Lanka.”

obstacles are empowered by demigods to see our (SPOG son's) prowess....

--"“I am on a mission to serve Rāma, the lord of creation. You should not impede me. If I must be eaten by you, then pray wait here. Once I have completed my duty I shall doubtlessly return and you may devour me then as you please.”

IDC (i dont care not Isk Disc Course) about myself man, IC about service (ICAS).

--“I have honored Brahmā’s boon. Now let me pass and fulfill my mission. I wish you well.”

nice attitude to keep the boon of demigod and also do service,---


--Surasa was not killed she was following Brahma's boon, but madam Simhka was killed she did not communicate before heinous action , and just attacked.

before fight - tell the intention clearly before fight, be sane


Final comments

-will wait for next tweet


HPs - what does ICAS mean. We also get so much instruction from this Ramayana reading.


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