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HpS - AgtSP. Please accept our humble obeisances.

Thank you for this annual report, birthday greeting.

Yet, the Annual Report is a simple form to be filled in here at the Blog.

To open it touch the Word 'Report' above.

It is mentioned in our original Guru-tattva document and must be filed by our Vyasapuja day.

Disciples can file later and we will look those Reports on Gaura-purnima.

For more general Vyasa-puja, birthday greetings we must ask people send them again later, after a few weeks or a month or so because we cannot look at them all immediately and we must clear them from our Blog folder so that we can see other timely news.

Thank you.

Look for you news soon.

So much to learn but it is eternal knowledge.

AGTSP Dandavats Gurudeva

I keep chanting at least 16 rounds, fulfilling the 4 principles, supporting the local administration of Iskcon, helping in the Ratha Yatra and also doing pujari in the temple (worshiping my silas), maintaining friendship with UC academics, supporting Solaris Magazine, working in my kiosk where we distribute Prasadam and many books by Srila Prabhupada, a lot of sankirtan, we have formed a large group of friends of the Kiosk and we have called the group ASA-Sports, where friendship and sports are preached. During 2023 we want to formalize NIOS-Chile and we will begin to build cabins and a preaching center on my plot located in Mallarauco where we celebrated your Vyasapuja in 2019 (we will soon send you a virtual plan of the project), we will formally inaugurate this preaching center in February when Abhirama comes from Peru and it is likely that we will be able to visit you in Mexico.

Thanks you very much for your mercy (Guru Kripa)

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

All glories to H.H. Hanumatpresaka!

Your eternal servant of the servant,

Arjuna Das


TLGASP Dandavats Gurudeva

Me mantengo cantando mínimo 16 rondas, cumpliendo los 4 principios, apoyando a la administración local de Iskcon, ayudando en el Ratha Yatra y también de pujari en el templo (adorando mis silas), manteniendo la amistad con los académicos de la UC, apoyando Revista Solaris, trabajando en mi kiosco donde distribuimos Prasadam y muchos libros de Srila Prabhupada, mucho sankirtan, hemos formado un grupo grande de amigos del Kiosco y al grupo le hemos llamado ASA-Sports, donde se predica entregando amistad y deporte. Durante el 2023 queremos formalizar NIOS-Chile y empezaremos a construir cabañas y un centro de prédica en mi parcela ubicada en Mallarauco donde celebramos su Vyasapuja en el 2019 (prontamente le enviaremos un plano virtual del proyecto), haremos la inauguración formal de este centro de prédica en febrero cuando venga Abhirama desde Perú y es probable que podamos visitarlo a usted en México.

Gracias por su misericordia (Guru Kripa) 

¡Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada!

¡Todas las glorias a S.S. Hanumatpresaka!

Su eterno sirviente del sirviente,

Arjuna Das