visit to Radhakund

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Hare Krsna Maharaj, PAMHO, AGTSP

Horse will be coming to Radhakund for HpS Vyaspuja.

He is ready for the first experiment.

The temple president has verbally agreed.

HpS - Jaya! We also wrote to him. Hope we can get to know him and work with your center there.

It will be helpful if you can just integrate (love and logic).

as our poor mind understands

real love is when really serve other person, even if it does not seem logical to us?

Is that correct.. then what is use of the logic(logos ) actually?

HpS - AgtSP! As we understand Western philosophy, Logos, logic, is that which connects us.

Look at Etymology of the word?

Psychology concects us to the mind.

Meteorology connects us with the weather.

The industrialize culture accepts Euclids Principles as their primary logic, with is based upon certain philosophical principles such as defintion of a point etc.

Look at these and you see they are very definite ontological ideas.

Christian tradition accepts our Lord Jesus Christ as the logos.

Different kind of logic.

Euclidean logic is certainly useful in Krsna consciousness.

We are using it here to arrange our ideas so that we can contemplate them, go beyond the arithmetric level. To love Krsna includes knowing Him. In the beginning that very well must include a Euclidean logic, but with a little of that we can proceed to other types of logic eg. puified sentiments quickly.

Let us discuss it more when we meet!