Crying for my dear Peru

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Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva


I hope this meets You in Good health and happy.

Gurudeva Perú is in crisis. We have a New president. The former president is in Prison. There is a lot of violence in all Perú.

Kali yuga in all its display. We live with fear. I am so sad. It comes to my mind.... In Vrindavan only Krsna and Balaram kill demons.

I offer My prayers. It's a pity that the majority is just concern for their own problems.

Lord Nrismhadeva protects us.

Your servant.

Candramukhi dd

HpS/ASA - Jaya! Hare Krsna.

In Kali-yuga it occurs everywhere, no?

I think SB 1.16-17 describes this situation eg. People who are really demons dress as noble Ksatriyas, get control of the government and then devour the citizens like greedy wolves.

By Krsna's mercy we can have shelter of a King like Maharaja Pariksit who can stop the Kali yuga, but even better is to directly take shelter of Hari-nama.

It is like and umbrella in the middle of the rain.

We can also pass out umbrellas to others by preaching Hari-nama.

If people do not want Hari-nam then of course that is because they are little devils who actually want to be the big devil.

They do not want to improve the situation.

Attachment to the mode of goodness is also Maya.

As we advance we see that our body is a puppet we can use in this material drama.

If it is attacked by people like mad dogs who tear it up as permited by Krsna, then we even laugh at their foolishness.

Chant 16-nice rounds. Follow four principles etc.

Then whatever happens to us is Krsna's arrangement as our teacher and as our general.