Month Damodara Report

Please accept our obeisances to your merciful lotus feet.

HpS - Lettuce feet.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

HpS/ASA - Yes!

I hope you are happy and well in your wonderful sankirtan.

Sri vrndavam dham ki jaya!!!

HpS - Actually it is 5.00PM, we feel bad in almost every aspect. Our eyes ache and we are going blind. We feel a little vertigo. Our breath is a little constricted. General stiffness in the body.

Yet, we able to chant Holy Names.

Then intelligence says, "Why are you chanting? Chant with meaning?"

Of course, we hope to leave this material body as soon as possible. This next breath?

Kartika is always a wonderful month! Singing, offering, thanking, asking for our wish.

Gopalito has made a demo of vrndavam gokula!! He has molded kaliya, pootana, bakasura and bat demon on paper.

ASA - Hope you can make a movie of it.

We follow our prayers to mother katyayani daily under a tree.

ASA - We memorized the verse, 'katyayani maha devi...'!

I feel happy to give love, understanding and so much more than the devotees, etc. gave me so that I could give.

We are here living every moment.

We traveled to the mountains to give a talk and practice Indian dance in a very beautiful rural environment.

When I went to teach the dance seminar, I stayed one night at my student's house and the next morning she joined me in worshiping Katyayani. She is a doctor but she is also a vegetarian, she went to India and loves healing mantras. He also likes Goddess Parvati very much so I thought it was not inappropriate for him to listen to katyayani's mantras.

Of course, during my seminar, the first thing I do is sing the mahamantra and we start with the theory and practice of Indian dances.

Please forgive offenses committed in this letter.

Thank you for being our eternal inspiration!!!!

Please accept obeisances from Frank and Gopal.

His disciple intent: Japa Prati Jalpa Radha dd.

P.F 1

If you give us your blessings, even a donkey can recite poetry...!!! thank you very much for your instructions

p.d 2

Gopalito started singing during the kartika month every day, a round together with me in the afternoon near Gaura Artik and we are keeping that daily custom. (I told him that we take advantage of the kartika month because it will end soon:) He also began to do the complete puja to the deities while I am instructing him. it does it very well. he wants us to buy a camara :)

p.d 3

Yes, my small efforts in Krsna consciousness are not to be a philosopher😊 but to love krsna more and more under the eternal guidance of the dust of the beautiful gopis. that is my daily livelihood. Eternal thanks to you for this feeling.

HpS///ASA - I hope you and Subhadra Mayi Devi Dasi can coordinate some work.