Hrsikesa and Padmanabha Month. I had a bad accident but I'm fine

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All Glories to our lovely Sri Sri Radhika and Krsnacandra!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!!!!

All glories to you!! My de@r Gurudeva!!!

Hare krsna dear Gurudev!!!!!!

I wish you are very well and immensely happy in Sri Vrndavam Dham!, in your wonderful Govinda consciousness.

Happy Kartika month!!!

Radha Damodara ki Jay!!

I had a very strong experience (but I think it was very good for me) On Thursday, September 8, after listening to your symposium, I went to take the bus home without knowing that this bus was going to cause me one of the most horrible experiences I've had in my life and closest to changing my body.

It was around 4 in the afternoon. When the bus was close to home, in a curve, the driver, instead of turning following the road, could not turn and we continued along towards a ravine. Apparently the driver lost the direction of the rudder, (he smelled of alcohol...) and we fell down a descent near the river... if it had not been for a tree with which we collided, maybe I could not write this letter. As the bus collapsed, I thought: My Krsna moment has come. Please make it not hurt so much to remember you. I know Franco will take good care of Gopal. Ok time to go. And so it calmed me down.

ASA - Oooh!

I hope not, but if something similar happens to me, I will try not to breathe and sing the mahamantra, as I heard in your classes, and that way I don't feel the pain)

I remember hearing Krsnaaaa!! It was me who had screamed before we hit a tree. When I woke up I was very conscious and I said: I'm still alive here. My leg, arm and head hurt a lot, all on the left side. I had been hit with the iron bars that separate the driver from the passengers. That day I was very tired and I sat behind him. I had been fasting for half a day by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur, I had only drank water and walked almost all morning. I had been in several places trying to listen to the symposium I was listening to in parts😁 then I went to one last place to finish listening to the symposium.

ASA - Thank you.

When the bus stalled I thought it might explode or catch fire. I tried to get out and happily people came to help us. They opened the window and gave me the hammer to break it. So with three hammer blows, I broke the window and they helped us out. I was conscious of looking for the backpack and the milk that I bought for gopal (I thought how can I think about this when I almost "died") They helped me up to the road and girls came with bleeding teeth, crying, blood on their heads. .and I thought how will I be? I only knew that I could move my legs, even though they hurt, I could walk. And I took these photos to show franco. Others who came wanted to hit the driver. I just thought about getting out of there and walking home (there were about 8 blocks left) and that's what I did. When I arrived and saw Gopal and Franco I thought I was dreaming but it was true, I had come alive to see them. I am recovering from the strong pain in my left leg especially. I was even able to go out to sell walking slowly.

Gurudev, if possible, I would not like the following to be published:

HpS - Awk! We cut it and saved it to the clip board to read in private in the company of a nice male brahmana, but it got lost!

Up to here the non-public part would end. If you want to remove or add something... you can do what you want. I am always at your feet.

I thought that if an accident like this happens to me again, I would really like to hear about it.

This number that I give you now, is used by both Frank and me. He doesn't use a phone number. you use this same number when you want to communicate. Please Gurudev if I am leaving the body before you, I would very much like to hear it: 0054 9 351 356*** (Saved on our cell phone)

It really makes me happy that Krsna has awakened me in this way. A first experience close to leaving the body was when Gopal was 6 months old and the place where we rented caught fire. 2012. Ten years passed and now 2022 this happens to me...2032...?! Another experience was when I arrived at the house and a very strong storm had begun. I ran into the mobile home. As I looked out the window at a giant tree that was in front of the house, I saw that it was falling in front of me and I said: it's going to fall on top of me!! But it fell right next to it very close to the trailer. Fran and gopal were in the mud house. I had never seen a tree fall. A very strong accident happened to Franco recently and now to me too. Ever since we met, whenever something happens to him, it happens to me afterwards and vice versa. Thank you immensely for your valuable time dedicated to reading these lines. Please forgive any offense committed inadvertently in this letter. I am sending you the link of a new video that I published: it is a dance to krsna that I did in 2020. I just really liked the music!! Now that I was home after the accident I had time to edit. It would be my janmastami offering☺. You can see it at: I have downloaded many of his classes that are on facebook thanks to "downloader for facebook." maybe it can be useful to some devotee😀 I tried youtube but they are very heavy and my internet time is very little. We try to download some of its links and some come out as non-existent. We keep trying to follow it as much as we can. Eternally grateful that You are my Guru and longing to be at your feet, at the feet of Sri Sri Radha Govinda and his loving gopis!!! Her Maid Attempt:

Radha Japa Prati Jalpa Devi Dasi. Jaya Radha Jay Krsna! Jay Sri Vrndavam Dham!!!

P.S. We are still asking to be able to have a handwritten Diary of His, even if it doesn't deserve it.

HPS - Thank you for this very concentrated letter. It just proves that however little effort we make to become philosophers Krsna and Srila Prabhupada multiply the result many times, no?

Become and evern greater devotee, Guru.

Respects to Franco/Gopal.