dtc [fr/2]

1 month ago by hps in DTC

today we gave blood at the clinic.

they told us just a drop but it was 20ml...

then another 20 ...

then another 20 .

amazing watching your blood flowing away like water.

then two, three, four hours with hector, abhirama, raul, claudia, ambarisa, jayanta...

what is the plan for this week, india, the movies.

then health 15% improved.

for five days with some unknown virus.

haw. haw. haw ray.

looked at the title of the posts in the blog and names of the posters and feeling desire to hear from them but our energy is not high enough to do that now.

h o p e our voice can last for one hour tomorrow to give SB class.

it is being broadcast.

thank you!

sankirtan. sankirtan.

it is an honor to be with you in the same band.