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We won't get Word on our computer until ArtDas arrives, September 1st, so we cannot up-date www.JayaRama.US/kd/cal.htm but the basic stuff is good eg. Vaisnava Calendar.

Other details here:



29th = Amavasya, New Moon.

30th = Raul and ArtDas arrive Jayanta Das Ashrama, Madrid.

31st/Wed = HpS give SB class at 8AM NVM time, at (


1st = Raul. ArtDas, Prof. Claudia and Hector et al come to New Vraja Mandala, ISKCON Brihuega, Spain.

ASA - "Cultivation of the Human Spirit Symposium" begins. Pandava Sena devotees (70+) return to Eng Land. Appearance of Thakurani, Advaita Sita.

2nd = Appearance of Thakurani, Lalita Devi and Sripad Hector Behar.

3rd/Sat = HpS give SB class at 8AM NVM time, at (

4th = Radha-astami. 1st and 2nd initiations for Maria Rosa Canchucaja and Mathura mani Devi Dasi respectively (If we get the letters from ISKCON administrators[ ]).


1st, 2nd, 4th are all "Ladies Days" and at least 11-birthdays!

For the ASA LOB symposium we are working with the NIOS and University of Madrid symposia. The very public, live and online program will be Friday 9th, 16-20 hours, and Saturday 10th, 10-13.30 hours.

We are begging for the link for the announcement and registration access from NIOS Peru, University of Madrid ASAP. We will Blog it and Tweet it. Basic language will be English, but with lots of translation. This is looking for Sita Devi, the innocent souls, and giving Her Rama's ring, NoI, and returning with report for the invasion by the army, SB.

From the 1st through 8th we suggest more informal dialogs on these topics with the Delegates and others NVM, with on line access, and nice visits to cultural cites and cultural programs.

5th = Yadu nandana Swami Birthday.

6th = Vamana Deva, Jiva Goswami, Claudia Lira birthday!

8th = Bhaktivinode Th. birthday.

9th = Hari das Thakura birthday. Claudia leave for Chile.

10th/ Saturday = Hrsikesa Purnima (10.2), Full moon. Next 'Kapi Dhvaja'. Birthday of NoI, TPP and Srila Prabhupada's Sannyasa. Proposed NOIS Annual Board of Directors Meeting.[ ]

11th/ Sunday = Leave for Madrid Airport about 4AM (order wheel chairs for HpS/HB [ ] and FMPL). Etihad flight at 8.10AM to Malaga, Abudabi, Delhi (3.15AM).

12th/ Monday = Arrive Temple about 5AM. Bathe and rest in guest house, formal reception and lunch with Central Government Advocate, Sasi Prash and Ambassador of Peru [ ]. Raul et al take some pictures of Tour of Glory of India temple, and Raul look at Temple video archives.

3PM leave for airport. Check in, fly to Kolkata, received by Sumanta Rudra of Bhaktivedanta Research Center. Tucked into bed by 12am.

13th - 17th = Kolkata. Smell, see, feel, Srila Prabhupada et al Viceroy India. Dialogs with Prof. Samaresh Bandhyopadyay, Kalyana Kumar Chakravarty et al.

17th - 23rd = Mayapura. 18th = Show DTC-UT Peru in Srila Prabhupada's Samashi Auditorium. 19th = Offer a symposium on Jung etc. for any local scholars. Other days more informal. Rest and refreshment. Visit (?) Elefant, Hysipanic Community, Temple of Understanding, Ganges . . .

23rd - 25th = Manipura. Pung cholam/Rasa lila. B. S. Damodara University of Bhagavata Culture.

25th - 2nd October = Braja.


2nd = 9pm Raul/ ArtDas / Hector, Del :>> Mad. HpS/ASA to New Azokavan, Radha Kunda. Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna.


25th = Del :>> Madrid


22nd = Mad :>> Houston


1st = Hou to ASA Camp - Monterey. Mexico. Gaura-purnima Festival

26th = Monterey :>> Hou. Ramanavami.

. . . Nashville, Radha Natabara.

. . . India . . . Next body. (= little speck of dust in the Sankirtan party near the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada?)