Sadhovaca - Jordan B. Petersen

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The Sadhu saud:

Hare Krishna Maharaja, PAMHO AGTSP! Fascinating conversation, thought you might appreciate much of it!

The Ape says:

Thank you, Swami Sadhu. AgtSP. Paoho.

Was refreshing to watch it. Trivikrama Swami first connected us with Prof. Petersen. Since then we have seen clips of other videos of his. Also, we researched his biography.

He likes Jung.

He has some very compatible ideas with the Bhagavata, no?

He was on a strictly meat diet for some time?

In the podcast he talks about his fathers shooting animals with bullets in an unconcerned fashion!

We have seen others like him. For example, Jung who have some good comprehensions of the Bhagavata cosmology, but they don't have the scientific language or structure that the Bhagavata gives.

It is frustrating because it seems they could catch it all very quickly and profoundly and teach it effectively.

They are big people so hard to approach them.

What do you think?

Our idea is that the work we are doing now with Hector et al may become poplular enough to attract their attention.

Hare Krsna.

Hare Rama.

We watched about 15-minutes of it then the frustration kicked in that there knowledge is muddled with ignorance.


We learned a lot.

Thank you.


T. Brown et al.