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Hare Krishna Srila Hanumat Preshaka Swami Maharaja,

All glorification to Srila Prabhupada and Gauranga!

Mahabhagavata Hanumat  Swami Maharaja,

ASA - AGTSP        HpSwami is not presenting himself as a Maha-bhagavata, just a devotee following Srila Prabhupada's standard for Sannyasa and Gayatri initiation. you think ISKCON is having enough classes on Bhakti Rasamrita-Sindhu?

ASA -   Ooooof!    ISKCON is like 500 temples now?    We don't how many are having classes on BRS.  We do feel in terms of what we know that educational develop is needed and that this should include better classes on BRS and other areas also.

When I first came; I started out with Bhagavad-Gita, Journey of Self-Discovery, NOI, (Now bhagavatam), but what really captivated was and still is NoD(Bhakti-Rasamrita-Sindhu) -- thats what brought about the realization that we're after Krsna-Prema, not (Alloyed) devotion mixed with Karma, Jnana, etc. The 9 levels of devotional progress, the Anartha's (Explained more in Jiva + Visvanath Cakruvarti Thakura's commentaries).. likewise.

Is Sri Radha Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead - or Krishna/Govinda himself? The Nimbarka Sampradaya has it's root's in Radha-Krishna since the very beginning, but that was from the 4 Kumara's, Lord Brahma's sons. Then our Sampradaya, the Gaudiya's, is Lord Brahma himself, who concluded that Govinda/Krishna is the absolute.

So, we are attempting to come back to our original position as the Cowherd Friend/Mother/Servant of Radha-Krishna's servants position, as our real selves?

-Cow Pranam

Bhakta Reilly

 ASA -   Ahhh!   Bhakta Reilly. How have you got this knowledge of Nimbarka sampradaya???    As far as my sources of information go they consider that Yasoda Krsna is the supreme form of God and therefore they worship Bala-gopal on their altars. Yet, basic thing is of course to start with Rupa Goswami's first texts:  Vaco vegam...    Is that O.K?     Your foundation is strong?