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1 month, 3 weeks ago by hps in Calendar Development

Hare Krsna!! !

By the mercy of Guru-Govinda, Jayanta Das, Bhaktin Maite, Nitai-gaurasundara Das et al, we just finished talking with Sripad Sashi Prakash Singh, NGD esteemed brother.

He is a Deputy Attorney General for the Central Government of the Republic of India.

Of course, he is also most excellent representative of NIOS in India, and he has enthusiastically agreed to join the Reception for our NIOS/San Marco team when they arrive in Delhi and India.

His personal friend will be announced as the Vice-President of India within a few days.

For us it will be a very heartfelt meeting since we lived through so many intense battles to bring NIOS to where it is.

We hope to hear from ArtD and Director Raul Zeballos about progress, by Krsna's mercy in expanding the population and content of the reception.