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Hare Krsna.

Tom Brown, Buck White et al.

It is always hot here except from 2AM to 10AM.

No mosquitos but some flys.

Jayanta, Gadadhara Das et al got a screen for the window.

Every day meeting with Ambarisa, Vrsabhanu and Hari Vamsi. They all get big badges for Sankirtan devotees.

1st they will laugh at you. then they will attack you, then they will praise you.

we seem to have gotten to third phase.

now we have to be able to teach and guide people.

are you qualified.


Now is time to become qualified.

Movie is moving like an elephant.

We are trying to do things.

It may fail.

The consolidation of all our knowledge from ISKCON = trnad api sunicena... kirtaniya sada harih.

Our only hope.

Lose your nation, lose your wife, lose you family, house, car, job, but the Holy Names of Hari will be always at your side, to fight against The Witch to win everything back for Krsna.


Finally was able to answer a lot of letters.

Lot of letters to Sumanta Rudra, Yuddhisthira Govinda Das in Delhi and phone call, Raul, Pablo et al.

Jaya Dvaita Swami was here for four days. Got some of his association but he was very busy.

Can see some news in our Tweets.

Honoring Prasadam has never been better.

Ready Krsna book down.

Rounds caught up.

Hare Krsna, Hare Rama. Krsna can put you in the mode of pure goodness at any moment. The only requirement, no selfish desires.

Desire only to satisfy the dust of Braja at the lotus feet of Krsna.

O.K. Gaura arati...