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My Highly Remembered Gurudeva Please accept my most humble and respectful obeisances at Your beautiful lotus feet.

HpS - Lettuce feet. AGTSP!!

All glories to Sri Sri Radha Govinda!!! to the gopis of Vraja and the residents of vrndavam dham!!!

ASA - Photo of Radha kunda at Sunrise attached.

All Glories to Patita Pavana Srila Prabhupada!!!

All glories to You my dear Gurudev!!!

Please forgive me for being late in answering the question in Your last letter and for being late in my report.

ASA - We are also late in service Srila Prabhupada. Only his mercy makes our late offerings useful!

A lot of discouraging things happened regarding the festival...that left me perplexed...and I didn't want to bother you...until I understood things a little better myself...

ASA - What festival? Did you mention it before? We can take obstacles as inspiration for personal improvement or discouraging, no?

...I saw some close friends get very sad...and they wrote you a letter commenting that they were useless in ISKCON, only to clean floors. Then they told me they didn't send that letter because they said it was too depressive.

I was very surprised!! reading it because it reminded me a lot of an old letter I wrote to you, when I was not allowed to take second initiation. I didn't send it to you either.

But now they have recovered and thought it's just bad karma he has.

Very happy to see them better.

Here we have good news that Franco is dedicated to building a small space that will be a small temple to serve the last deities of Jagantha Baladeva Subadra that he carved.

HpS - Very nice! What has happened to Amala karuna Das in Cusco???

They are kept because where we live is very small and there is no place to care for them. We will put there all the deities that have come into our lives.

I think that perhaps this place had to be first so that Lord Jagannatha could go for a walk from here and then not keep it due to lack of space but continue attending to it.

In response to your question, the photo you sent me of Sri Jagannatha, Sri Baladeva and Srimati Subhadra is so beautiful!! Thank you very much! I find Lord Jaganntaha very gallant and charming. Like a teenager very well groomed and ready for his meeting with His Sri Radha!

When you wrote to me: look at the photo of sri jaganntha We think about how is your life?? This must be a great adventure!!

This reminded me of a letter I sent him telling him that I was worried about our life in Cordoba, etc... and since I realized that I wrote to him with the illusion that I can control my life, I deleted it.

I understood that she was worried about our life instead of worrying about Lord Jaganntha's life!! And how to make him happy! GURUDEV I thank you immensely!!!

Sometimes my faith in His protection gets weak but that's when I'm confused. When clarity comes to mind then I am happy knowing that He always protects us.

Of course I would love for us to do a Ratha Yatra!!! take them out for a walk and may Lord Jagannatha be happy! Hopefully we can make a magnificent festival for them! Not just one year but every year that we can see them here. May gopal, many children and new people meet and enjoy this festival! It is my greatest wish that it be so.

Many people from the past festival ask me for another festival! Even a girl wants to help by typing the permit!!!

Franco disarmed the mobile home to make a chariot for the Lord with it! !!! I suppose that when I finish making the temple, we can return to the float and the festival.

Spring is also coming and time to grow. Franco is always busy, sometimes I worry seeing him so tired. I hope this is the last build I do. I go out to make sales and I come home exhausted and with leg pain because I walk a lot. But I will help you as much as I can.

Regarding the Dance of Radha and the Bee, Franco downloaded many songs and one of them inspires me a lot for the final part of the dance... I hope you like it too. I plan to do it in three parts so I'll use three songs.

First part: The gopis see Udhava's chariot and talk among themselves. (only flute music)

Part Two: Udhava Approaches and Radha Goes Away (Musica Krsna premi mayi Radha by Ramya devi dasi)

Part Three: Radha talks to the bee. (Radhe Radhe Bolo from Madhava's)

I am always happy to hear your valuable opinion.. I am sure you were not mistaken when you wrote me about chapter 17 where krsna swallows the fire... It may be that you want dances of this pastime until the chapter Radha and the bee?? I hope life and energy will reach me to be able to do them..!!!

HpS - Do not remember Chapter 17?? Just Message of the Bee. Very happy.

I am very sad because Tulasi was growing beautiful... and suddenly ..one tulasi has already left...and the other I am trying to revive... Here we have no association with devotees. And the Tulasi association makes me very, very happy. Now I feel that I cannot live without her anymore. Please Gurudev give us Your blessings so that we can always have the company of Srimati Tulasi devi. I think I know why she left.. I am begging Krsna and Her to help me move forward..but I cannot move forward without Her..I am begging Her mercy. Tulasi devi Maharani ki Jay!!!!

HpS - ASA - Hare Krsna.

Gopalito is growing well and healthy. You know that you are in Spain. Listening to Franco and me speak different types of Spanish, always practice😊 He knows that in Spain a different type of Spanish is spoken that he learned by listening to his class Radha y la bee with prabhu Jayanta Also because we see the cartoon: the Mayan bee that they say was my favorite as a child. I did not know that in the future my spiritual name would be related to bees and bumblebees😁😍

Thank you Gurudev. I wish you are happy in your beautiful sankirtan! May your movie turn out wonderful!! And make it a nice sermon!!

I was very happy to see the trailer of His movie and I hope to acquire the wonderful book tava pache pache soon.

Please accept obeisances from Franco and Gopal and please pray for us that despite our limitations we can take Lord Jagannatha out for a walk!!!! And let us always have the association of Tulasi Devi maharani!!!

Trying to please her beautiful lotus heart: Japa prati jalpa Radha devi dasi

P.S. Pics:

The photo where I am dancing in chosica was Her vyasa puja 2010 when I tried to do Radha and the bumblebee I wanted you to guess what that hobby was... apparently it didn't go well. We will try this 2 times. (It is a very high feeling to do it in Dance.. can I ask Sri Radha and Her friends to dance through us? It also seems very high to me.. I will do what I can..

Photos of the second event at Adi Sakhi's house.

franco when he lived in the temple ashram of buenos aires.

My Radharani puppet💖😍

And the construction of the small temple!

HpS - Awk! Only 42-minutes to prepare for reunion con Atul Krsna and Board of Examinations. Very inspiring your news. You are just as much of a Sannyasi as are we. Respects to the family. Look for big help from Krsna.

I am always confronted with obstacles from Godbrothers and devotees in ISKCON. My salvation is my personal relationship with Srila Prabhupada (for many transparent media, but direct experience). Tell your friends that they must get this. Then they can understand how to help the other ISKCON members.