Candra in Jacksonville

2 weeks, 1 day ago by candra108_mukhi in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krsna beloved Gurudeva


I have seen your photos and videos in spain it's really wonderful. The band that was live when arrived it was so refreshing, sometimes the kirtan is so loud that the mahamantra is covered.

I came to Jacksonville in order to meet my little niece, Gabriele. I met a devotee at the airport in Miami. I was waiting my connection flight in one gate and then it change it to NASHVILLE. Some day I will go to know the city.

My cousin ordered Tava Pache Pache on Amazon prime!!!! I got it. I Will start reading it tonight. Reading it is like listening to You talking to us directly.

Superb Job. Lord Nrismhadeva is traveling with me. I made cookies for the family today.

Thanks for all your effort in spreading Krsna consciousnes.

I will see You soon

Trying to be Your disciple

Candramukhi dd

HpS/ASA - Very nice news. AgtSP! He guides our travel. All over the planet are nice devotees like us. People expect us to preach. Do it in an appropriate way, but remind ourselves and inform others of the principles of BG, SB, LOB, NoI, TLC!!!!

Happy life.