Inform Of Vajendra Kumara Das And Amala DD

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Dear Guru Maharaja

please accept my humble obeisances.

All Glories to the devotional Service that emanates from your person

You are my only refuge and the goal of my life.

This has been a long year, full of growth in every aspect,

in short.

after living in Vrndavan and Mayapur, 

  • Colombia Adventure

I had a business, a house for me and my wife, a truck for sankirtan, but the devotees of the temple did not let us do service because I am a very fallen soul, then I was about to want to throw everything away (what is the use of laxmi if we dont have asocciation of devoties), then Krsna (meaby Giriraja maharaja) gave me the mercy to break my business there, they stole my motorcycles, they threatened me, etc, then I sold everything we had, and I bought tikets.

  • Adventure Russia

 and we went to live in Saint Retersburg Russia, they don't speak much English there and I didn't have documents to work so..... to support my family I worked in a hinu restaurant (but I sold chicken and fish) His Holiness Guru Prasad Swamy and H. H. Mahavisnu Swami gave me their good advice, there we did harinama with the devotees 3 times a week (almos 15 devoties in -20 degreessss!!! Amazing) , the devotees loved us very much and that love made Saint Petersburg not seem so cold.

  • 3. Back to Mayapur

Finally the devotees helped us to come to the Dham by H H Maha Visnu Swami's instruction, we participated in the Harinama Ruchi Party with my wife again, we went to Nepal and now we are living by the MERCY of Krsna and you Guru Maharaja in Mayapur Dham,

  • 4. Work and Services 

 We have 2 jobs for Iskcon , we are well paid,

 we have a food for life program every week, (we cook and sponsor ourselves with my wife and friends) we distribute 2000 dishes every sunday in Navadwipa and Godruma dvipa,


we do Harinama once or twice a week in the different islands of navadwipa (9 islands every month more or less) and we distribute books, 

  • Our Saddhana

I am chanting every day (somentimes next day) from 20 to 24 rounds, my wife 16,

i was getting up to mangala and all the morning program here in mayapur mandir, but now i am chanting rounds and reading with 15 people around the world from different countries (for me work), so sometimes at 4 am I have to connect with them, almost always at 5 am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. ( no Mangala :( )

So my service is to attend the deities at home in the morning, my wife cooks for them,

I wake them up and we do puja and honor prasadam together,

then I go to work in the office assigned to me.

It sounds very unbelievable now that I am writing it, but my eternal enemy is still there Gurudeva, waiting for me to be careless to bite me again and again, so I am trying (I am just trying, without success) to keep myself busy and active in Krsna Consciousness to escape from that.

We are now in the Mayapur committee making all the arrangements for your Coming to Mayapur and India Beloved GURUDEVA with mother Gaura Gadhadar DD, with mother Dhaneshvari dd and with Brajaja Naranjana prabhu.

  • A Question

Gurudeva we carry the standard we set to worship their Lordships Nitay Sacidulal (named by u 😍) all this year, we have had Giriraja in a clean place on our altar, offering bhoga to him through Gaura Nitay as you ordered us,

(Giri has given us given a lot of mercy in the form of His pranks as you explained to us especially in Colombia He take off everything)

You asked me to write to you after a year to see if we could start bathing and decorating Giriraja Maharaja.

what should we do? How should we assist you in your worship of these deities Beloved Gurudeva?

His eternal would-be servants

Vrajendra Kumar das and Amala devi dasi

HpS - ASA --- Hare Krsna, Desculpa lenta responder as carta. Puede ver nuestra historia aqui y en el Kapi Dhvaja. Muuuy bueno oir de Vd.

4 regulations 16 rounds 3 gayatris good? Good Brahminical character? Consult other, but as far as I know is O.K. to bath Giriraja once a week in water from Ganges. Ver la reaccion. Claro, idea es. somos contamiandos pero por comenzar hacer servicion practico, podemos purficuarnos y adelantar a servicio masintima.

Nos vemos muy pronto.

Vamanos a proxima carta juntos.

Reverencias a su super esposa. Plans para familia?