Nova Gokula Dhama Brasil!!

2 weeks, 4 days ago by Panca tattva das in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krishna Gurudeva.

Pamho, AgtSP.

It's very Nice to know You are progresing in the filmation of the movie with Pablo and Raúl and planing the trip to Vrindavan Dhama..

Here we are in Nova Gokula Dhama Brasil.

Doing the Best to ingage in service in pujari. I realy came For one month to NG to solve a problem with a car document of the past but For Krishna Grace i'll have to stay for more time, Maybe till September and then back to bsas mar del plata.

My fone crashed in to a rock and I been for 2 months with out it. Just Know that I activated this redmi 8 from peru so ill be more active online.

Thank You very much for Your mercy to me.

Hope to see You soon!

Ys ptd

HpS - ASA -- Hare Krsna, PtD! Thank you for the news. It is very enlivening. From this Blog I hope you can see we have arrived in Spain.

It was a very long, arduous trip. All the flights were delayed for hours. We missed connections and had to be rebooked. Starved. Luggage lost. Standing for hours in lines with great agony in our legs.

Met some nice people.

Some nice Japa.

By Yoga and His Divine Grace we arrived in fighting strength and are setting up our Camp in New Vraja mandala.

Now we are focusing on the symposium on Jung and Bhakti siddhanta 4-11 September. We will post more news about that.

When do we submit the application for Sannyasa for your esteemed self?