Amba-vrsa-vamsi arrive in Spain

2 months, 3 weeks ago by hps in Personal Sadhana Reports

Ambarisa Das writes:

[4:21 PM, 7/12/2022] Ambariśa Das: Hare krsna agtsp all glories to you.

We already arrive to la finca hare krsna in Brijuela.

[4:22 PM, 7/12/2022] Hp Swami: Super!!!!! Did Hari vamsi sit with the Pilot?

[4:24 PM, 7/12/2022] Ambariśa Das: No, He sleep very well and he already play with the kids here and thr water pipe.

[4:24 PM, 7/12/2022] Ambariśa Das: Thank you.

ASA - What does "thr water pipe" mean? Please send more details to the Blog. How was the trip? Did you meet any interesting people? What flights did you take? Who met you at the airport? Where are you staying? Have you seen Govinda Candra?