Belly of the whale and Aghasura's big tail

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Hare Krsna Gurudev,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and your humble services.

We have been looking up the heroes journey on wikipedia due to using and thinking of phrases such as "being in the belly of the whale."'s_journey. There seems to be a rebirth every day on the grihasta and spiritual hero's journey front. We wanted to reassure you that it is better and thank you so so much for your kindness upon our family by associating with us in Boise along with the whole Boise Yatra. We feel our violent ways we act going from hypo to hyper, fight or flight and freeze is something to improve upon. Association with the guru should always be sacred. We pray we can come to the level of being able to be more upright someday. Chanting, associating, the opportunity to serve not like a donkey but more like a mix of monkey, piggy, the professor and the small inner child Bhaktin can help us live more in the window of control. Dialectics trap us. No word like Thank you can ever express what opportunity we have been given. We just beg we can try again. Thankyou for still tolerating us, my family. Sita, Adi, Arjun, Aja and the Sunday school kids will never be the same again!! 🙏

We are looking at the collective gift of the notebooks and pointers on how to blog/create a notebook. The web post you created has the key inspiration we need to make a story out of our sankirtan. How do we make it a priority when everyday the witch is so tiresome to defeat? Document it?? Balabhadra is also very grateful for the encouragement.

I found this Jungian analyst's quote from a presentation on how to overcome cultural historical intergenerational trauma:

Our Own Shadow Sides Ancient Healers by Gerard Blanchard

Patient service best begins after healers have carefully examined how their own public image bumps into their guilt- ridden or shameful parts. Jungian analyst Robert Johnson wrote: “Our own healing proceeds from that overlap of what we call good and evil, light and dark. It is not that the light element alone does the healing, the place where light and dark begin to touch is where miracles arise.” Pressure is upon us from within our professional guilds and our culture to pursue our light side to the exclusion of noting the dark. Enmeshed in this group mind-set, we can become victims of “psychological bypass surgery of our souls.”

Your aspiring servant in need of your blessings,

Kamagayatri dd

HpS - Interesting!!!! Just die and get your rounds done pleasantly!! He said with a smile.