[Nrsimha bhoga]. Jaganatha, Baladeva y Subhadra en Chosica!

Hare Krishna, dear gurudev, Pamho, AGTSP!

On Saturday, July 2, we had a beautiful program at the Chosica temple.

Their Lordships Jaganatha, Baladeva and Subhadra who resides in San Borja, a middle class district of Lima, visited us in Chosica.

Their Lordships made a tour in a van, in the manner of a Ratha yatra from San Borja, to Chosica and then back to Lima to the Wilson temple, in the center of the capital, to finally return to their residence.

In Chosica they had prepared a wonderful program of artik, kirtan, ending with a succulent prasadam.

The most beautiful thing was to see, after a long time, devotees from Lima and other friends. They were even new devotees that we had never seen before in Chosica.

Sharing those pleasant moments revitalized everyone's enthusiasm. Greeting P. Phanideva and M. Ganga and other devotees after a long time was very gratifying.

Perhaps this event is the beginning of a better stage after the pandemic. Unity and cooperation is an urgent issue if we want to continue to progress and enhance Srila Prabhupada's movement.

Finally, during the event we were talking with Jaganatha Swami, our older brother who is now approximately 85 years old. He asked me to ask you how he would have to deal with his death. It is that lately his health has deteriorated and he is already thinking about his final step. Please give me an instruction for him.

HpS - Is this chapter a good study for him? Some friends can read it with him and discuss it? https://vedabase.io/es/library/sb/4/12/

Even if all the world is crazy, we can create a little island of Vaikuntha with Hari Kirtan/Japa!!!

Then Lord Jagannatha may make it into Dvaraka and then take us to Vraja for service there. Giving this gift to others.

Thank you!!

That is all for now, your servant says goodbye,

Laksmana-agraja das.