Bhagavan (Brujita blanca)

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Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:


I hope this meets you happy :)

Thanks for this blog, due to within it we can find a guide.

I am almost finishing this term at the universities and I am exhausted. Next term we are going to return to the classrooms so I am going to quit to universities and just work on two of them. In one they hired me as a full time professor so I do not need to work in 4 universities.

I love to teach whenever I have the possibility I do indirect preaching about vegetarianism

I will tell you my little secret to feel good inside (I just recall one of your words and I immediately feel good inside) It is pretty amazing to have this bond with the Spiritual Master.

Jaya Laksmi is organizing one Pada Yatra and a Ratha Yatra with the Harinam Rucci's I will help her.

With this new course of calculus that I am teaching I can say that my father would have loved the new online tools that are nowadays.

Regarding the translation of waves of devotion the first part is already done, I am working on the second part in July I guess it will be done

I have one gift for you. I am going to give it to you in person

See you soon Gurudeva

Trying to be your disciple


HpS - Thank you Small White Witch with larger hairy dog, cats and nice sister. Any news from heaven from nice mother and father?

10.15PM we are also tired!!!


Given and Delta F(x) in a continuous Function, we can always find a Delta x that will fall within Delta F(x)?

We have a gift for the translation team. We are planning to pass it to someone when we get to Mexico.