Poetic Summary of SBhag 10.20

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Hare Krishna Maharaja, attached to this letter is a Poetic Summary of the Srimad Bhagavatam 10 Canto Chapter. It was authored by Mother Tulasi Krishna dasi, who in turn has me in turn to present to you; and you in your own turn have instructed me to present it here for everyone's benefit. Her poem is cited below.

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HpS - ASA - Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please also thank, thank, thank Tulasi. How is here Sankirtan?

Hare Krishna,

Dandavats. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. 

This is a poetic summary of the 20th chapter of Krsna book. 

Please offer this to Maharaj when you host him at your place. I hope he enjoys it.

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20: The Rainy Season and Autumn in Vrindavan

As the season befell them, and the rain came down on Vrindavan's sacred lands,

Residents admired the rumbling thunder and lightning's outstretched hands.

The sacred storms and showers that fell replenished all life in that place.

The lush green forest with its flowers and creepers was a most inviting space. 

After so many months of drinking up water, the clouds were about to burst.

It was time now for the yearly deluge which would quench once again the Earth's thirst.

Dark clouds covered the sky like illusion covers the soul.

As illumination of varied degrees can urge one towards spiritual goals. 

The merciful clouds gave of themselves for the benefit of the whole.

Just as the kind-hearted givers give for the betterment of all souls. 

In the evening twilight, glowworms were seen, but not so much the clouds.

As in Kali Yuga illusion's showcased, while the truth is kept under a shroud. 

Silent frogs came to life and croaked important speeches.

As Brahmans complete their dutiful chores and morning's silence finally breaches.

A slumberous yuga, when all are asleep, Kali keeps us still.

But the Acarya's call has the depth and sway to reveal the Lord's good will.

A palate exploded and colored the Earth with green, white, and reddish hues,

Like a person who suddenly stumbles on wealth and buys all new clothes and shoes.

Abundant fields gave such grains to the prudent farmers who'd done the planting.

But for those who failed to sow good seeds, the remorse was disenchanting.

All the beings became radiant too, even more than they were before. 

Just as a devotee reveals his true beauty by engaging in service to the Lord. 

Where rivers met oceans, the waters churned and there became great agitation.

Like the fickle mind of the immature yogi attached to sense gratification.

The mountains withstood torrents of rain and were unphased by the pelting blasts.

As the devotee whose mind is absorbed in the Lord can remain peaceful when danger attacks.

Indra's bow of many colors appeared and stretched across the sky.

No strings attached to this bow though, the same rules don't apply.

Just as when the Lord appears to dance and play in this scene,

He is untouched by any material element, although He may be seen.

The gleaming moon is hidden by clouds that dull its radiant shine.

As the ego covers the living being, making its true essence hard to find.

The peacocks cried out at the sight of the clouds and danced in jubilation.

As devotees react to the joy that they feel in saintly association.

When the forest was full with ripe fruits and flowers, and cool waters flowed in the streams,

Krsna and Balaram with their cows came along and perfected the woodland scene.

The cows were slow with their heavy milk bags, but hurried at Krsna's yell.

Their udders were wet with affection for him, and love-soaked milk drops fell. 

Krsna saw the village girls; great trees and the honey they gave.

They heard the noises of flowing waterfalls, and took lunch within a cave.

Home cooked meals were shared among them until all were satisfied. 

Krsna sat on a stone to eat lunch, with the peaceful water nearby.

He watched His cows and friends alike, and seeing them all so pleased,

He offered respect to the rainy season, though it came from His own potency.

When autumn arrived the sky became clear, the winds were much more serene.

The purity of the waters restored, they appeared to be clear and clean.

Just as the minds of fallen yogis can become once again purified,

When reengaged in devotional service, one's impurities subside.

The clouds shone forth with great effulgence, having given up all they possessed,

Like the glowing saints truly free from sin, who emanate an angelic essence.  

The mountains withheld the gushing waters, and sometimes let them flow.

As experts in transcendental knowledge only sometimes let others know.

The oceans and lakes became so still, their silence was deeply felt.

As the stillness of sages whose powerful mantras can make even cold stones melt.

Farmers construct walls around crops to keep nourishing waters in.

As the sincere yogi retracts his senses, regaining control again.

The autumn moon relieved the poor creatures who'd suffered under the sun.

As Mukunda cools the gopi's burning hearts when the separation is finally done. 

The autumn sun shone bright in the sky, illuminating all the land,

As only the pure spiritual consciousness of one in true knowledge can.

The winds were neither hot nor cold, and relieved the suffering,

Of all but the gopis who still felt the pain of separation's brutal sting.  

In all the towns and villages great festivities were held. 

The atmosphere was filled with colors, transcendent sounds and smells. 

Thus the earth shone brightly as the autumn season came,

Krsna and Balaram beautified the land, Their presence one and the same.