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pamho, AGtSP!

A copy of our current media update for you Maharaja: 

 Good Morning from High Springs, Florida, the Hippie Haven for lost cool wannabe’s, though seriously this is not what I’ve contended, regardless, Maharaja Hanumat Presaka Swami did “coin” the vibes of said city...a grain wisdom is at the core.

First “official” day as a resident in the Sunshine state and still adjusting to our time change, a perfect moment to write on current events… completely bewildered. Of course in my meanderings this is par for the course, fortunately I’ve played before and know that “Bagger Vance” has my back.

Actually, I’m also writing to break-in a gifted HP Elite X2 tablet/ laptop from Gopinatha Desai. Was a surprise just before departure. Gopinatha Prabhu was the person who requested a semi-concealed camera mount and tablet enclosure for the Vyasasana at the Houston Temple and we managed to get this done. What was more precarious time-wise was the 2 surprise requests(RQ,s): a Free Library Box for the book distributors, and Radharani’s Flower Bouquet armature for the Pujari’s. (please note Photo’s)

Since these RQ’s were for our outstanding devotional congregation and Loving Deities, I had to power through on these and have to thank my wife, Subhra, for her patience. We had 7 years of newly accumulated garbage, excuse me, I mean essential treasures and paraphernalia to pack in the “PODS,” shipping container we had delivered. I had not even sorted through my own closet, let alone breakdown my makeshift shop, lot’s to juggle and move! My next move will be with a back-pack and 2 duffle-bags.

Fortunately, all projects went smoothly and the Pods shipping driver came at the latest scheduled time. Lashed down tall stacks of boxes, laid out various school work boxes and hung a mattress, weed-eater and inversion rack off the framing beams, this Pod was loaded almost to the max. Throw in a dual-wheeled wheel barrow, 2 buckets of landscaping rocks and loose tarps and we’re stuffed. Inched the door closed and locked it up. It’s going to be real interesting when we open it next week.

Continuing our saga of our serendipitous-sashay, current dilemma’s with WinStream internet here has been real, “real.” It’s been 3 days of representatives jumping with song and dance just to get our temporary hold off our service… still waiting, 2nd time we’ve been told everything will be fixed by 7pm. Right! We shall see. Sad thing is how much technology has over run our lives in the “Modern” parts of the World. The convenience has a price and they know how to charge for it. We may post this devious document yet. (WinStream finally came through, left and right hands are now in profound unity)

Watching the (needed) rain pour down while Subhra pouts about the possible farmers market closure. Nice shower, keeping the Sunshine state hydrated, for now, the rains have ceased, usual on and off cycles here...fluctuating and calcitrant, such is the precise fickleness of Mother Nature.

Our Farmers have persevered the rain, we’re still going to procure the finest organics from High Springs locals, such honorable horticulture we may offer. The plain living and high thinking of our cultivators of Earth have the original place of our World right where it belongs… take nothing for granted.

More to share as time permits, we are now functioning as citizens here and know Sri Bhagavan has more plans to reveal…are you ready for the Lord’s spontaneity?

TB/BW - Hare Krsna!!! Is the Temple close. What is the community like?