BOEX: Evaluation

3 months, 3 weeks ago by hps in Special Category B

asa[e] - sastric studies

Our current suggestion for BhSastri etc. diploma evaluations:

I think many examination systems might work.

The one SP suggested seems to be a simple start-up system.

All along we have been stimulated by an immediate system which is two parts.

1. Multiple choice (including T/F) questions that can be graded by a machine and developed, and with those, a few fill-in-the-blank questions of like 25-characters max. 

Then the grader would just have to read the short answers (eg. who is Arjuna's father? "Indra") without struggling with handwriting etc.

2. Open book essay questions that the candidate would present before a panel of examiners and sample audience in like like ninety-minutes (eg. we give like 25-essay questions for each canto of which 15 are mandatory. Then the panel selects like five at the beginning of the 100-minute session, and from their written essays makes presentations, and answers questions.

Impossible to fake in that kind of situation, no?

Of course, a lot of details to be adjusted but basically like that.

Computerized multiple choice (25 character) questions and orally presented open book essay questions.