Jay Maharaj :)

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Jay Maharaj HK!!

Please accept my obeisances!!

All Glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

How are you? How's your health doing???

ASA - Just like yours!

Are you still in India?

ASA - Never went? To whom are you rye ting?

Well, this is the first letter I send you after a few months since last time I wrote you. Here many things happened, my child Indiana is 1.5 years old, she's so big and enjoyable, she loves playing and whatching Little Krishna and Bal Ganesh's movies,

the other day on Little Krishna we were watching how mother Yasoda after Krishna killed the bird deamon (I think it was bhakasura), takes his little hands with the palms opened and says "this little hands which are cooler than a lotus flowers killed a deamon?" (or something like that) so after that my daughter put her hands in the same way so I began praising her hands as mother Yasoda did.

She brings so much joy to my life!! Now I keep working every day in my family's company, always performing graphic design tasks, and other stuff. And I'm trying to occupy myself in watching some designers' YouTube channels so I can cultivate myself professionally.

And I decided to continue my computer systems analyst career, I'm starting studying next semester :) With my ex conjugal partner, I tried to fix the relationship but there was no case,

when we were separated she was distant and indifferent, and when finally we decided to retake the relationship we couldn't get along, so well now we're just friends.

HpS - A nice friend is hard to find.

My personal sadhana got better in average, I began waking up earlier in the morning (excepting for weekend when I try to get a little bit more rest), I keep chanting a fixed amount of rounds every day, and I'm still reading Srimad Bhagavatam,

now I'm on canto 2 chapter 5, it's really sooo beautiful,

I'm enjoying a lot Srila Prabhupada's purports and I hope I can read more and more. I keep attending my Gaura Nitai in my home's altar, and offering the bhoga.

I'm buying organic produce here in my city which are really cheap, unluckly I wasn't able to convince the other Yatra's devotees to do the same, how can I make the aware of the benefits of eating healthier?

HpS - Speaking logically and setting a good example, but in the end everyone has free will.

I keep following an ayurvedic diet, trying to eat my dosha's according ingredients and food, and taking account Ayurvedic recommendations. I started following ekadashis again.

I was wondering about some topics Maharaj, I'm sure you can help me out with them: how can I wake up early in the mornings every single day?

HpS - Do you need to? Is it time? Then get a wake up partner. First one up calls the other.

and how to keep myself fixer in my sadhana? how can I clear my mind and become more appreciative about what Krishna has given me? How can I become humbler?

HpS - Hmmmm. Basically you have to really desire to do it. Then you will use your unique intelligence to find ways to advance and Krsna will send good association and little miracles. That is all that I know.

Thank you very much for being there always!



HpS 🐵 Do better every breath? ?