Rattling Mind Question

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Hare Krishna, Gurudeva,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

HpS - All G L O R I E S to Srila Prabhupada.

In our previous conversation you commented the following:

"At the same time I'm eager for their blessings, but wanting to be recognized is this annoying voice in my mind that keeps on rattling."

"HpS - It will probably be there until the day you die, but if you engage in devotional service you will not be bothered by it."

What I would like to know is how this works in more detail. I was diagnosed as having ADD by a psychologist. And I do have the symptoms that are used to describe it. Does this mental attitude only last for this lifetime, which is how i understand your answer? Like as in the higher authorities turn off a button when the allotted time for punishment is done.

HpS - As I understand from psychology in the broader world and our Sampradaya, it is like having a banana shaped nose. You will have it until you die, and the mental attitudes are even more durable than the physical ones. They are the basis of the gross ones.

NoI 6 - Tad gada mula hantri, our Yoga is starving the root of the mental and physical "banana noses".

We are developing extreme love for Krsna. We begin to love our Deities. If someone where to steal Them we would not be able to move. We would collapse and stare at the floor. We don't realize how our WORK is developing an attachment to Krsna ('s Name, Form, Pastimes, Associates).

I always had the notion that this kind of mental state is only over when it is purified by my own efforts or by grace. I kind of lost my hope that it will be taken away as a mercy by the Lord in this life. [and i am not sure if i knew what to do with myself if He did. I wouldn't recognize my own mind anymore].

HpS - It will adjust as far as possible. Maybe go away, but it might stay, but then it will be insignificant. A cactus in the neighbor's back yard.

I argue that idea also by what i understand from the notion that we carry our desires and convictions with us in our subtle body from one body to the next. That is a kind of mental state too. What about an ADD kind of mind? That could actually stop?

HpS - Don't know. They may be inaccurately describing a banana knose as zuccini knose.

Looking forward to your reply.

🐱 Oink - Written by Sriman Buck White after consulting with HpS.

Hari Bolo, Hari Bolo!

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Raghava Pandita dasa