Oh Grate I have cold hands

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Hari bol maharaja

Here is Narotam from Santiago

ASA - Sanskrita is Narottama, no? So nice to hear from you. Are you the Duke of Santiago yet?

All the glories to Srila Prabhupada

Now we are in winter down here

ASA - Summer here.

Oh the death, yeah i think all of us are in that positiong but we don't have the eyes to see it.

So, were i have to put the code? In the head of the text? Or in the text like a secret code that no else can know the code?

ASA - In the Title field.


And nop, i'm not in the school, but whit the great numbers of brothers that i have is like a circus every day, we have a lot fo monkeys.

I'm starting to work, (also chanting the 16 round every day and following the 4 regulations) keping every coin for the travel to see you, but my father is a little bit scary for the situation that is happening in europa, all the posibilities of war and that stuff, but i don't have that fear, I know if somthing will happend is going to be here in Chile or there in Europa so I feel relax about that.

ASA - War, pandemic, earthquake, heart attack.

And somthing more that i like to ask, you like the krishna book?

(Sorry for the ortography, im learning inglish so im gritting every thing whit no translator so for any incovinient reading the text pls forget my mistakes, any feedback will be very usefull for nexts letters)

Good bye and have a nice day :^D

(I have other forms to say that??)

ASA -[;o]/\___

We like the big size KRSNA book with 13.5 type very much. The author is His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Every page, story will situate you in a different world. We can go there, but have to purify our body.

Krsna wants us to go there.

We have work to do.

Of course, if we can see Santiago as a part of a big mental hospital withing Goloka then we are already are in Goloka.

What does Krsna want you to do: Stay here and preach, teach, or go back to Goloka for work.

Chanting 1728+ maha-mantras daily can be asking Him that question!!!

Thank you.

See you in a few minutes.