[Papas gouranga] - vyasa puja Bhakti Dhira Damodara swami

Hare krishna Gurudev!!

Pamho, AgtSP 

 I hope you are fine..

A Desciple of Bhakti Dhira Damorara Swami Maharaja contact me to ask you to make a short clip for his Vyasa Puja on 3th june..(give him the blessings to continue in service, Disciples of his grace wants to present a gift to him and consist of the blessings and mercy from the seniors and Srila Prabhupāda disciples…

.the clip should be send on the 31th of may

Thank you very much 

Ys ptd

HpS - We are not sure which of two Sannyasis is Maharaja. We met them both the same time and similar appearance. Can you send his photo and short bio-data!!?? Thank you.