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It (position of the Sun) is 10.48PM

We (TB/BW) are tired.

Continuous hay fever makes us tired.

It is the same for you, no?

Different bodily dis eases.

Maybe we have some horrible infection growing on our back.

May is is just poisonous insect bites.

Ha! Ha! HaRay!

Every minute is packed now.

We leave for the airport like 3.30AM Monday.

Have to pack our luggage for one months work.

Super. Super. Festival on Saturday.

We are hosts. ASA/NIOS

Our real work is our Diaries. They are getting better.

Maybe we should stop giving classes.

((Hmm!))) (((They are the stimulus for your Diaries.)))

O.K. Go to sleep.

Our eyes,

They weep.

Our body's grow old but tuned well.