March 2022 Check in (FMP/PC = Jaya Hari das)

1 week, 5 days ago by bhaktabigfoot in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krishna!

Gurudeva, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to you!

First in for most, Our 16 rounds are going well. We are improving. And 4 regulative are going strong 💪


I am looking very much to seeing you in Houston this July. It was so nice seeing you this last visit to Houston. I, like Divya Mataji, am hoping you could arrange a couple days in Dallas. You fly out of Dallas to Spain, maybe you could stay the couple days here in Dallas before flying out?

HpS/ASA--- We also thought of that but we just don't have the strength any more. We have to focus on one theme and do it.

We go to Houston to edit the move.

Please make it your life and soul also.

Be a part of a block buster video.

Us poor hearted grhastas are so in trapped in family life that we foolishly miss out on the opportunities for associating with the Vaishnava devotees of the Lord that are fearlessly preaching this Krsna Conscious movement. We really need for you to come to our homes, pull out of the water we are drowning in, slap us up side the head and tell us to wake up, wake up wake up! If somehow by Krsna's and yours mercy please come to Dallas even for just a couple days. We beg of this Gurudeva.

HpS - If our flight from Dallas to Madrid gets delayed then we may have to stay over. God can do what ever he wants. We have a section in the movie where a devil enters the house of a Grhastha and...

Things are going well for us hear in Dallas. Nityananda Prabhu is very kind and giving us direction on how to travers the Holy Dham of Radha-Kalachandji. We have been given the service recently to head up the Darshan Room program. Darshan room is our introductory preaching program for new people here in Dallas. We are quite excited about this service. We also have started the Bhakti Sastri course. We are listening to Srila Prabhupada's books while we work, driving bus. We finished NOD last month and are about 2/3rds into Teachings of Lord Chaitanya right now. However, as amazing as it is to hear Srila Prabhupada's books by audio, it purifies our consciousness so much but we don't necessarily get to study and dive deep as much as we need to. So we will continue to listen like that but the addition of systemically studying with Bhakti Sastri has us hoping we can add some better arsenal to our preaching.

Rama Rama! Krsna Hare!!!

We heard from our dear friend, Srinivas Prabhu, sometime ago that while talking with you Gurudeva you mentioned to him that Dallas would be good for us. It has been wonderful in so many ways and we really feel that it is your blessing and mercy. We are here and making progress in the quest to do some service for Srila Prabhupada, Radha-Kalachandji and you Gurudeva. Thank you so very much. We will continue to work hard in trying to purify our hearts and our service. The challenge, the victory, Guru and Krishna's mercy!

HpS - Krsna can put the nicest people on the bus. You just have to figure out how give them books without any musss.


Your servant,

Nanda-braja das

ASA - Thank you for your inspiring example. How can we not think that it makes Rama smile... but the room for improvement is the biggest room in the world.