(((papas Gauranga))) Franco Bone's letter

1 year, 6 months ago by Radha Japa in Personal Sadhana Reports

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and His infinite mercy.

All glories to the International Society for Krsna Consciousness, all glories to my spiritual master pouring out his mercy on this sinful soul like me:

Hare Krishna dear Gurudev. Please accept my obeisances at Your lotus feet.



Thank you for your patience with this homeless hippie, many things have happened since the last time I wrote to you, the most important for me:

I had a motorcycle accident in which I almost left my body, the impact was so great that the people who He saw that he thought I was dead, they were surprised to see that I got up,

took my motorcycle (I was hit by a motorcycle from behind) and walked out. I suffocated because the impact was so great that it took all the oxygen out of my lungs.

I thought... how difficult to think of Krishna at the time of death in practical terms.

My ribs hurt, these days I go to a traumatologist to do some studies and plates. Otherwise I'm fine, just sore.

ASA - Relevant Foto Attached

The cool thing about this accident is that it's 1:50 in the morning and I'm singing my rounds.

I feel lucky because it helps me wake up, I've been asleep for a long time.

Jay Gurudev!!! thank you, thank you, thank you.


2.- I spoke with the zonal GBC of the Ratha Yatra, and for now he doesn't want to know anything about it, they recently operated on him, and even so he is in charge of the program.

HpS - He needs an assistant, no?

It really is admirable. I didn't mean to bother him, I'll talk to him later.

He told me that when we started it we were able to do it in a certain spontaneous way and we skipped Some technical regulations that require Him as a zonal GBC, so forgive me for being such a boaster and thinking that I can do a Ratha Yatra by myself.

ASA - 🐽

Ratha Yatra means work in society, at that time we started three bhaktas (two bhaktas from Uruguay and one from Córdoba) Of which only I follow without initiation. In 2013 they gave me recommendations to get started, but tests happened and I couldn't overcome them.

The same dear Gurudev I promised you to make a Ratha Yatra, so I am thinking of making a Ratha Yatra kids for the children or a happy jaganath party. I feel sad that children cannot see Ratha Yatras.

HpS/ASA - Super! Small cart, small dieties, big Kirtan! Video, photo graph it. Make a movie.

When I just came to Córdoba, once walking to work I saw an ambulance under your foot... they were discounting a girl who committed suicide, then another day, coming back from connecting, another young girl's body was lying on the sidewalk, He had thrown himself from a building.

If these girls had gone to a Ratha Yatra and gotten Prabhupada's books, would they be happy and alive? .I am convinced that yes.

HpS - I was coming home from working for Master Card at 11PM. Walking to the Temple through the Tenderloin, a very rough area of San Francisco with bad bars, clubs etc.

I saw one Mexico guy walking along very depressed like he had lost his job, come home, got in a fight with his wife, slapped her hard and then walked out on the street.

Just spontaneously I said, "Don't forget God", and he stopped and his face lit up!

He looked at me like, "Yes! Yes! Thank you. Thank you. I forgot Him. He can help us even in the biggest mess."

Krsna consciousness is a must. Thank you for being motivated to continue in Ella, despite our limitations.

Yesterday with Radha JPJ we were listening to one of Your classes, It was talking about the Gopis and Vrndavam, and for a moment my humble home was transformed into Vrndavam thanks to You.

Thank you for bringing Vrndavam into this world.

These days with the help of Radha JPJ and with the mercy of Jagannatha I am resting to recover, we are reading Her Blog with Radha, we are happy to enjoy Her Tracendental adventures.

I would like to make a private consultation to work on my service.

Please forgive any offense committed inadvertently in this letter.

Trying to please him:

Bhakta Franco

HpS - I don't see any offenses. To quote Jani Joplyn -- Honey! You doin jus fine! [Doing just fine].

Go ahead... Expect a nice plateau in your Yoga. Waking up!!!

You are not Fanco. You are an angel made of light, you have been in a very great auto accident. Wake up!!!! Wake up!!!