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HpS - ASA - Piyari mohan Das wrote us a nice letter but asked us to edit it because a lot of it was very personal content that should be addressed in individual, but some of the points he brings up are should be discussed in our Blog because they have general relevance, they also remind us of related questions from others.

  1. Srila Prabhupada comments that every human being in the material world is anumat - half mad, neurotic. The same point was made in our class on psycho-pathology at the university. Everyone, you also dear read, no, have some mental illness eg. too shy, too aggressive, substance abuse? In some cases it is psychosis, pramatta, and we talk with ourselves publicly, and are non-functional in society. What is the Krsna conscious solution? How do we deal with the mind when it is harassing us criminally to indulge in illegal intoxication? I would say from my limited perspective that the answer is basically Srimad Bhagavata. There are so many different examples of people with these problems and the situation and it's results and solutions. Find your case study in SB. Find inspiration from Bhagavatas, devotees, with mental illness like yours. Eg. Epilepsy is common in devotees, society, so you can consult with nice professional people and others who are like you. Even more specific, chant Hare Krsna, Vaisnava songs, SB/BG. This is certified mental medicine for Kali yuga. If it does not work, chant louder. Keep the mind with some perspective while you are getting intoxicated, intoxicated and recovering. The Mantra will give you a float and once the intelligence, memory, goes though the whole cycle with the Holy Names, you will have so much perspective on the situation, maybe eliminate years of addiction with one episode in the company of Harinam.
  2. Should be get married, stay Brahmacari? That again is a very specific question. Talk with a lot of nice devotees, family who know your specific situation. In general we would say that Varna Ashrama Dharma has very little value in Kali-yuga unless you are a devotee. Focus on getting your rounds and 4-principles regulated before making focus on Grhastha or B'cari ashrama. If you have to make decisions while not fixed (for two years) in the 16/4 then do it, but don't expect much from the choice. "I had to make a decision and I'm not expecting that I will chose a great automobile. Focus before or during t,hat kind of marriage is to get you 16/4 together." Another point is you can also enter into Vanaprastha life. Boy or girl finds a partner who does not want gross connection but wants the emotional or economic, practical connection, of the Ashrama. Vaisesika Das, Vira bahu Das et al have taken advantage of this Ashrama, no?
  3. Devotees ask us to delete or edit a previous post, but unless the exact address is given to us, we can't always find them. Eg. this letter is https://monkeywarrior.com/edit/13278/

O.K. Chant Hare Krsna. Write to the Blog with the results of your Hari kirtan and success is guaranteed.