Dr. Samaresh Bandyopadhyay

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We sent this to a volume being edited by Prof. Dina Bandhu Pandey

"We have written about our contact with Prof. Dr. Samaresha Bandyopadhyay in previous articles. We first met the distinguished Professor, and cooperated with his good self and His Holiness B. S. Damodara Swami (Prof. T. D. Singh), on the Second Congress for a Synthesis from Science and Religion that was organized in Calcutta in the beginning of 1997.

The congress was a substantial success and the beginning of many years of successful professional and personal relationships.

Now we have been offered the delightful opportunity to write for another volume illuminating Professor.

This is done with the perspective that we expect leave this world in about two years. Everyone should make a practical consideration of how much time they have to work on this temporary, material platform.

In that time, what can we do to revive permanent connections so our friendships are not lost?

Giving some reflection to the topic, we would say that we should have discussions on the topic of epistemology. Epistemology, ontology, praxiology - How do you know, what can you know, what do you do about it?

Professor to us is a person with a very strong work ethic. A good challenge to us in many ways. He will sit down at a little table in a hotel room and produce first class material for a conference in progress and its eventual publications. He is a person with strong sense of moral duty and social responsibility. He is a cultured gentleman and friend.

Now we are consolidating our own efforts in research and education which is based in large degree on efforts to address the theme of Science, Psyche and Spirituality, the Encounter of Professor Carl Gustav Jung with the Bhaktisiddhanta of Traditional India.

For a series of symposia on this theme we have asked Professor to review Jung in India (Sulagna Sengupta, Spring Journal, 2013). We see it as a superexcellent work of historical scholarship and an entrance into the mysticism of Jung's life and contribution. Thus in the dialogs that its review inspires we hope to enter into areas of introspection and contemplation that go beyond the intellectual level that characterizes most modern academic scholarship. We look at it like passing over a hill in the forest and seeing a new world in the morning sunlight, or to remember a very poignant comment of Louis de Broglie about modern science and industrialization, "The mechanism requires a mysticism".

Thank you,

Hanumatpresaka Swami (Prof. H. H. Robinson)

North American Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies (Ricardo Palma University, Lima, Peru)"