Vyasa Puja offering and report

Hare Krishna Guru Dev, please accept my respectful obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! 

First off, I want to thank you again and again for visiting us in August. We are still riding the wave that you set in motion. So many incredible and enlivening programs one after another. It is always a transformative experience having your association and to see the way you penetrate the lives of all the devotees. You bring us all closer to Prabhupada with your authenticity and kind nature. And your transcendental humor! Also, It was so nice to be with all of the amazing devotees that you brought here. There is hope for us with steady determination and your guidance. 

A few things getting off the ground and moving forward for us here. One being, the Krishna Lounge program. A very nice bramachari named Balarama Das Prabhu visited us in the Fall and I got to serve him and cultivate a nice relationship with him. We invited him to play in our kirtan band for a big music festival we were invited to. We played inside a geodesic dome for about 60 people on yoga mats. It was a great program. I lead some kirtan with guitar and our neighbor Bahkta Caroleena lead some songs with her charango( a Peruvian small guitar). It was a great kirtan band that we would like to bring to other festivals.  

Balarama Prabhu was very encouraging and suggested that we start a Krishna Lounge program like they do in San Deigo. So we’ve been talking with him about it and getting his guidance and we’ve gotten some really nice posters, banners, flyers printed, social media advertisements ready to go. Our first program will be on the 20th of January. Balarama Prabhu as well as two other bramacharis will fly in a week before to help us set it up and light the fire so to speak. And then visit periodically throughout the year. It will take place on the cultural center stage and we are finally addressing the acoustical issues and putting in big thick red curtains at the front of the stage and sound baffles above. We will create a comfortable environment with rugs and and cushions and we will serve hot tea. The program consists of kirtan (sometimes with western instruments), a 30 minute wisdom talk(which is basically a talk geared towards new comers and BSU students). Anadi and I are leading the program. We will take turns speaking. With a special guest speaker every month. Then we serve simple western style Prasadam. This will be every Thursday evening. Please give us your blessings to do this program. 

We are also having a really nice and steady Tuesday and Friday morning Bhagavatam class with some devotees. Very great discussions and perspectives from the advanced local devotees. 

Continuing with my maintenance/janitorial services with Kamalananda Prabhu. We are becoming a great team. I’m trying to remember that this may be my best service. It’s thankless and can be very blissful. 

We are all so much looking forward to your return to Boise in the Spring. At least that’s when I heard you will be coming. I will be praying for this and will do what ever I can to make it happen. When you come to Boise could you be our guest speaker for the Krishna Lounge program? 

In the meantime we are trying to associate with you through your classes as much as we can. I listen at work and try to take breaks and jot down notes so I may learn something and know some things by heart. I have a whole book of quotes from you Maharaja. I’m hoping they can be included in the sequel to Twirl Your Beads. Looking forward to diving into your Nectar Of Instruction commentary as well. I’m also really excited about this film that is being made. Diary of a Traveling Creature: The Last Trip. Looks like such a nice creative set up in Lima. Please let me know if I can assist in any way. 

Please forgive me for all of my offenses. I want to be useful to you and to this movement. I heard the other day that the original meaning of the word sin is to miss the mark. For me the mark is my vows to you. Rising before the sun and hearing Bhagavatam every day. Through this higher taste that you have exemplified and passed down, I am slowly losing my taste for sinful life. I have a long long way to go but please don’t give up on me. I need your mercy and you always inspire me to keep trying. Thank you Maharaja.

Your aspiring servant, 

Nitisara das 

P.S. this is Balarama das, the Krishna Lounge poster and my new 12 minute folk opera thing released a couple of months ago. You suggested that I should write an opera one time so one day I found myself doing that all of a sudden. I have offered it to you Maharaja🙏

Thank you very much for your letter!!!

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Hare Krishna...Hare Rama...