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HK Maharaj Dandavats Pranams!! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!!

How are you? How’s your health? Where are you now? I’m writting you Maharaj because I sent you a letter like 40 days ago and haven’t received any reply yet.

I also have a question, recently I read in the Bhagavatam that Prabhupada says demigods are all devotees, and I’ve heard from the devotees that they fall to the intermediate planets when their sukriti ends, so the question is how can it be that their sukriti ends, if they are all devotees, aren’t they gaining new sukriti all the time?

If a person gets access to the celestial planets by worshipping a demigod, I understand that he gets to the demigod planet, but he or she falls when the sukriti ends, so he came to be a devotee there?

Thank you very very much!

best regards!!



Thank you very much for your letter!!!

Unless you put the FMP or Kapi Dhvaja Priority Code in the Title field you won’t get Tom Brown’s attention and it may be after we are all dead and in Goloka that you get an answer to your letter.

You can find the Priority Code at the seccion Letters to/from the Editor from our blog MkW.

Hare Krishna...Hare Rama...