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Dear Maharaja,


Thanks for your quick answer.
Yes, Krisna shows us the right path.
I'm sorry i didn't sit on the grass with You and your disciple when You were in Mayapur but my mind told me be careful. 2 years ago i was sure i want to get initiation again from one of your godbrother. But he turned out he has difficulties and can't accept disciples. After that i collapsed again and thought i never can trust in any spiritual master. I was suspicious. But now i see i had to learn from this situation. After that i started to pray to Srila Prabhupada and Lord Nityananda very intensively to lead me to a guru who can help me purify my heart and from whose mercy once i can do pure devotional service. And Lord Nityananda was merciful...

From me and my family.
I'm 36 years old, i have a sister and a brother. They are not devotees but like the bhaktas. My brother has lot of books and sometimes he reads Bhagavad Gita. My mother has died 12 years ago, my father is totaly materialist unfortunately. But he visited the temple once he always gives donation to the sankirtana devotees if he sees somebody in the street. And i always give him prasadam.

I live with my husband we don't have children and we don't want to have.
My husband was my godbrother, He would like to follow Sacinandana Swami.
Before our Indian trip I worked for a radio station as an advertising manager and my husband worked for a bank as a group leader. But we wanted to change our life therefore quit our job and gave up our sublet. We like risk :)
My husband writes business plans and essays now. And i will learn to sew. We want to start a business with handmade stuffs. We have few good ideas. If it's not necessary we don't want to work for a big company again. The association is not so elevating there.
Now we live in the countryside in my father's house. My father has a girlfriend and now they live in her flat so this house is empty. Unfortunately there aren't devotees in this city but we are here just ad interim. We would like to find a flat in the capital and want to go to the morning program regularly. Now we get up at 3 am and hold Mangala arti here.
But we don't want to stay in Hungary too long max. halfen year till i learn. When we start our online business we will move. We would like to find a small yatra where we can serve the devotees.
Our "ex" godsister and godbrother are in India at Kusum Sarovara, they are very nice devotees and invited us to join them and serve at Govardhan. They need manpower. We miss their association but we can't imagine our life in Vrindavan for long time. My heart is not pure enough to live there. Madhavananda Prabhus wife was also our godsister and they also invited us to serve in Bhuvanesvara. So we have opportunities to live in India but we would like to find a place in Europe. We will see what is Krisna's plan.

Before India we helped in the pujari room regularly just simple things in the background. Not so easy to serve here in Hungary but we try. First i was very sad when the GBC told me don't chant the gayatri mantra but now i know Krisna doesn't make a distinction between the services therefore i'm happy if i can do anything.
Your blog and your site is very informative and helps me a lot.
I hope once i can be on your assistance.
Thanks for everything.

Your servant,
Sri Radhe dd

HpS -  Jaya!!!!!   AGTSP   paoho               I think BG 10.10-11 give us clear answer to all this, no?    If we can't see who is our Guru in different ways, it doesn't matter. Krsna is always our Guru and if serve Him sincerely then He will give us clear inteligence how to approach Him, appreciate Guru in other more accessible forms!

O.K.   Please send more news as your Sankirtana develops!