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Hare krishna Dear Gurudeva

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Dandavats Pranam

Today i just found out that someone send you some photos of me, I want to clarify that I publish some photos of me doing yoga and artistic photos that are not of sexual content, I am so transparent that I even have my mother on instagram and she is like a friend and understands my intentions but I also understand that there are bad-spoken people who think that everything is sex.

really that person who sent you those photos is dangerous and with bad intentions. I have always been honest with you and my family so I have nothing to hide.

Vanca kalpa

Hare krishna.

HpS - Jaya, nice to hear from you. Nice to see you on Sunday. Hope your 16-4 is carrying you to dance with Krsna and the other boys!!

We did not get any photos.

Maybe they are buried in our Yahoo mail.

Make students for you and Prabhupada!