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Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:


Yesterday we had a meeting with ARTD, Palika dd about the Sri Vyasa Puja 2021. For one thing or another we did not have the chance to meet before

So, answering the question of my last letter

HpS wrote:

  1. Who are you?? CmDD... what do you want from the program?
  2. Who are we? Just CmDD, Palika Devi Dasi and Art Das are the team to make The Plan? Have PDD and ArtD answered question above? What is there answer? Seems need a few more people in the committee who have answered question one, no?

CMDD: 1.- I am a conditioned soul, who is sometimes in maya, sometimes she is well situated. And who wants to try to serve You, and the whole Parampara in this important occasion.

2.- Our intention is not just be the three of us, of course we want to have as much help as needed. We just wanted to have all the ideas clear in order to start with the coordinations with the rest.

Most importantly for us your opinion is a must here. ARTD told us that he had already discussed about this topic with you, so based on what he told us. Here you have some considerations. This is not the final draft. I want to put these preliminary ideas here due to this blog is public and this is going to be a public celebration. I beg for your forgiveness and the forgiveness of your other disciples and well wishers.

Personally I think that when this kind of celebration come[s] we have to put aside our ego and do not think what do I want, and think what will please my Gurudeva, the whole parampara and so forth.

First what we discussed yesterday : ( we put all this under your consideration)

The Location: I can not say yet (haha), but it is not going to be in Sta Eulalia we need a bigger space.

HpS - ASA - Thank you!!! To glorify, illuminate, the Parampara and our individual positions in it will require several different events, groups etc. So, some events would be natural for Sta. E. Eg. Seems we will have some nice internet contact with Australia, India, Europe, Mexico, Tennessee et al and those would be best organized out of Sta. E. with some people here to partcipate. Eg. If we have some online programs with Argentina, then Pancha-tattva Das here would be natural; Mexico, Govinda pramodini Devi Dasi...

Puja: There are going to be three of them: 6 Goswamis; Srila Prabhupada and Your very goodself. (Raman reti is going to arrange all the plates of the artik, she is in charge).

I suggest that Radhika raman, Caitanya Caritamrta and Panca Tattva may do the artiks. (we as guests [hosts?] give the pass to others).

HpS - Seems we are talking about the big event, not the smaller, particular ones. For that I think ArtD is trying to arrange use of the Peruvian Accountants Association center, one block from Chosica Temple. If that works then we can have about 100-people by pre-registration. Of course, disciples of Prabhupada, Yatra leaders et al are invited. So maybe one of them would do the Arati to Srila Prabhupada?

Decoration: Bhaktin Maria ¡¡¡¡¡ she will arrange a good team

Cake: Palika dd

Decoration of the cake: Nitya Kishor d

Cookies for the Gurupuja: Nitya Kishor d

If other disciples or well wishers want to bring preparations we request that they will be sweets. They are easier to hand in

Prasadam: Jana Pavana prabhu is in charge he will form his team (Lanka vijaja, gita govinda prabhus, etc)

HpS - What seems best is that the only Prasadam will be pre-packaged eg. Laddus, samosas, puffed rice. No, devotees sitting in lines or waiting in lines being served. O.K? Si alguien quiere cocinar cosas de esta manera, aun no es para 100 personas esta bien, no?

No, torta, cupcakes without frosting! 😁 This seems impersonal, but to have so many people together at all during a pandemic is a challenge.

The idea is that it is going to be broadcasted so we are asking that each country send a greeting of about 5 minutes per country. (The greeting should be recorded)

HpS - Who will be Master of Ceremonies? Plan and direct the program.

We have already talked with

Rati manjari (Argentina)

Arjuna and Jagad Guru das (Chile) HpS - Priya sakhi and her husband, Jagannatha, will be here, no? He is President of Chile Temple.

Palika dd is going to talk with the devotees from Mexico

I contacted my very good friend Namacarya das

Govinda pramondini (USA) HpS - Hmmm? I don't think she knows too well the devotees in USA. Better would be Subra and CCD, no?

I do not have the contact of Jayanta from Spain and ARTD told me that Purnamasi is already doing it in India.

ASA??? - Purnamasi is Jayanta's wife. (??) As far as I know, she knows nothing about India devotees. Hmmm. A short message might be nice. Glorification of Parampara not HpSwami separate from that.

Oscar Natars may make a presentation on Narottama Das Thakura! What would be nice would be a recorded song and explanation from different national communities.

Meetings with different geographic communities could be from Sta. A. during the days before the main program with their local members physically present here. Eg. With Radhika, Subra, CCD, we could have some nice association with devotees in USA on the weekend before the program.


The following are my suggestions:

Artistic program:

I can ask to Hare Krsna, Mataji and Anangamanjari to present Sita in exile (the separation that she has from his husband is worst than die burned alive.


I have already the offering of Radhika Raman Prabhu. I am going to translate it. Then other

3 prabhus and 3 ladies in the actual day of the ceremony??

HpS - Seven is nice, but also comments from Karuna, Caitanya, National council, other centers??? Hari Krpa.

They should make devotees understand their position and work in the actual Sankirtan movement by illumination of Bh. Vinode Th. et al. May not be perfect, but that is our aim: Glorify the Parampara, the actual Acharya, Srila Prabhupada and the Prabhus under his feet. Will there be participation from Kids? We can have a virtual program for three nights before. We can broadcast some Kirtan with devotees from Radha Madana-bihari program.

Try to keep the big program simple. Try to organize several other programs for specific groups during the previous days.

Let Radharani, Tulasi devi, take charge, enter your brain. 😎

This is so far what we have...

I am looking forward to have your feedback

PS: Maybe Ulyses can also participate in the Sri Vyasa puja. Nevertheless all the devotees should take care of their mahaprasadam 😂

Thanks for always being there even in my dreams.

Jaya Gurudeva

Jaya Srila Prabhupada

Trying to be useful


HpS/ASA - You are very useful. Think about five smaller programs from Sta. A and Temple in Chosica during the previous days.

Have fun. If we do nothing but have programs on line morning noon and night on the one day, that is fine.