[KDh PC] Sri Vyasa Puja glorification of the whole Guru parampara

Hare Krsna, Beloved Gurudeva:


I really miss your association, I was very relaxed and calm when I was in New Asoka Van and as soon as I arrive home ¡¡¡ Oh the humanity, my poor cat was feeling sick and we spent more than 1000 soles in healing him. Now he is better.

Well, let's go to the point in here. I contacted with Sriman Radhika Raman Prabhu and Subhra Mataji and Govinda Pramonandini, regarding the Sri Vyasa Puja topic. Here we have some suggestions that we want to put into your consideration.

First of all we all agree that for you this important day is not just for you, is an opportunity for all of us to glorificate the whole Guruparampara

I got with the idea that you are always talking about finding Sita so I was wondering in which way we can approach that in the day of the Sri Vyasa puja. Then Radhika Raman p came with the wonderful idea of narrowing this topic so we came to the following suggestions for you:

. Building bridges for finding Sita

  • Building bridges for finding Sita

HpS - The bridges come AFTER we have found Her. They are for The Army, not the Search Party.

  • We can highlight in which way You were a pioneer in building such bridges for instance regarding education you support Gurukulas in two different continents.

HpS - Then you have to show this in proper proportion to the entire parampara, no?

  • In regards of academic preaching you were leading programs in Peru like Bharatiya Sanskriti
  • In the Area of art and culture you were a bridge builder ( Manipuri dance drama troupe) all over the United States and South America
  • Scientific preaching you have organized The Second World Congress for the synthesis of Science and religion
  • Participation in the Bhaktivedanta Institute
  • In Sum up in the program we can highlight the different ways that you have been a pioneer in the party to build bridges to Krsna for all the living entities in different areas of society we think that this will be a very nice offering for the whole Guru parampara. Because in that way we can enthuse other generations of devotees to continue building these bridges like monkeys carrying stones of any weight
  • We all know that due to all your humility you can say that you did not do it alone, nevertheless you were the captain of that ship. (we can present a PPT in which we can present all these aspects)
  • If you agree we can start with contacting the different devotees from different countries that had helped in those programs, so that they can contribute with photos, videos, ideas and so forth

Personally I am going to be involved [or not involved?] actively in the organization if you allow me due to I will be travelling the last week of december to the States I have a family commitment and I will return the same day of your Sri Vyasa puja

We are working with Palika dd, ARTD told me today that you have discussed some ideas about this topic with him, so our idea was to present to you these suggestions so you can give us feedback or what you really want for that momentous occasion 

Thanks in advance Gurudeva

Trying to be your disciple


HpS - We are really only happy with Vyasa puja when the whole Parampara is seen in proportion. Of course, it starts with Krsna. We are little part, but something. You and those following us in initiation etc. are bigger or smaller parts, but again always something essential.

See attached idea.