Urgente ayuda para madre Sarvani dd.

Querido Gurumaharaja.

Por favor acepte mis respetuosas reverencias.

¡Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada!

Nuestra querida madre Sarvani de Perú está atravesando una situación delicada de salud, ella estaba regresando de India - Egipto - México - Perú, pero su salud se agravó recientemente en Egipto y no ha podido salir de allí.

Por mucho tiempo ella ha sido miembro de ASA así que tomo el atrevimiento de compartir la búsqueda de apoyo en este foro por si alguien está en la posibilidad de apoyar por favor y porsupuesto solicitar las oraciones de los vaisnavas que son muy importantes.

Vuestra eterna aspirante a sirviente

Asta Sakhi dd


Dear Gurumaharaja.

Please accept my respectful obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Our dear mother Sarvani from Peru is going through a delicate health situation, she was returning from India-Egypt-Mexico-Peru, but her health recently deteriorated in Egypt and she has not been able to leave there.

For a long time she has been a member of ASA so she took the boldness to share the search for support in this forum in case someone is in the possibility to support and of course request the prayers of the Vaisnavas that are very important.

Your eternal would-be servant

Asta Sakhi dd

HpS - Hare Krsna. AgtSP. Thank you for this letter. We are sorry that we are slow in answering mail now, especially these last few days. The pressure from travel has been INTENSE! Yesterday we had strong allergy reaction, sneezing all the time. There are no symptoms of CoVid virus. Today it is a little better but we have been resting and not gone outside yet.

Today we have to put everything behind and work with Srinatha Krsna Das on our Tava-Pache-Pache, NoI, comments so that we can send it to Abhirama, Visual Imprint, for typesetting on Monday.

The following letter from M. Sarvani Devi Dasi seems a little suspicious. Of course, she is one of the most senior devotees we know in our Peruvian Yatra, and always a great, great honor to have here association in any of our ASA programs. We always want to help her in here service, and have!

On the other hand, we have received letters requesting money from people we know, we got one in Oscar Natars' name one time saying he was in Europe and had been robbed and needed money, but when we contacted him personally he said that it was false, and that someone had hacked his address book and was sending out the letter.

It is strange that Mataji is writing from Egypt?!! Even travel to India or Mexico seems strange now.

Are you sure this is here and the money transfer address is bonafide?

We hope that our body becomes more useful in the next few days.

Even avoiding pandemic while traveling is a big challenge.

Staying alive in this material world is a challenge.

*Ayudemos a Sarvani*

Helping Sarvani

I am Sarvani dd (my legal name is Sara Coahila). All my life I have worked as an accounting assistant and I practice spiritual life for many years, I am also a disciple of Jayapataka Swami. I am approaching you with this campaign to humbly ask you to help me raise funds to cover a number of financial expenses that I am having due to my situation.

Right now I am in transit in Cairo, Egypt and I was stranded. My stay has been extended and in this time I have suffered a sudden deterioration in my health, I have constant diarrhea and I have lost a lot of weight, in addition to this I am presenting symptoms compatible with COVID 19. I do not have access to public health and the access to a Private Hospital has been difficult because of the cost, my gender, different language and even because it is not easy to be treated because the demand that exists in the hospitals. I am afraid and I am alone, so I strongly ask that you help me financially to be able to go through this series of unfortunate events that I am going through.

With your contribution I will be able to pay for medical attention, medicines, accommodation, food and my return ticket as soon as I receive medical discharge. This fundraising is extremely urgent so that it can be treated in critical condition.

I thank you with all my heart for your contribution and for sharing this campaign with other people so that they can help me. 


Medical care 900

Medicines 700

Stay x 10 days. 3500

Food 1.500

Total 6600

Lee más aquí https://gofund.me/3446c719

¡Reenvía este mensaje a tus contactos para ayudar a que la recaudación de fondos logre su objetivo!