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Radhe radhe

Dandavat pranam my dear guru maharaja

I hope your health is good now.

After going through some symptoms of Karuna Virus, that fortunately could be controlled in its first stages, I had an accident at home, I fell down and was not be able to walk for a month, I just finished with therapy and now I am walking again very slowly, by Radha Kunja Bihari's mercy.

I had to stop doing my Seva, mmm the Seva Radharani gives me, at the banks of Radhakund but I hope I can restart it very soon, if Radharani allows me to do it again.

But, this accident has also given me the chance to chant more, to read more, to have time with my beautiful Thakurjis at home, everything has its positive side we only have to find it.

The project of our dear Krsna Svarup is stopped at this moment, due to the pandemic we are still in lockdown and transportation is not regular until now, so it is difficult and risky to travel here in India. This project will be continued as soon as Krsna Svarup can come to Radhakund.

I was also in contact with Gour Gadadhar, she sent me the invitation to her wedding at Mayapur at the end of this month, please bestow upon them all your mercy so their marriage can be auspicious and happy.

In this month I have to start again with the visa errands, so I need your help once again😦 to send a letter to Panca Gouda prabhu. I will send you his mail via what's app. Sorry for this but unfortunately even if we are in Radha-Krsna's realm, everything moves with papers.

Thank you so much for your time but specially for your mercy to this soul.

Your (trying to be humble) servant

Tungavidya dd

HpS - ASA -- AgtSP! paoho. Thank you for the news. Please send it more often.

We just sent a letter to The P. G. Das with a copy to the Tunga vidya Devi Dasi. Did you get it?