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Hare Krsna, Guruji Maharaja, Dandavat Pranam!

HpS - !!! How wonderful. Association with Manipuri Vaisnavas!!!


All Glories to Sri Sri Jagadbandhu, Balabhadra and Subhadra, Ki Jay,

Sri Krsna, Sri Gouranga Mahaprabhu and Goura Bhakta Brinda.


Please accept my humble obeisances unto the Padmacharan of Guruji Maharajah...

HpS - ASA - All glories to the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada!

... that some of the ISKCON bhaktas suggested to me that the Vol. 10 of Bhagavatam should not be touch, it is not for general bhaktas.

HpS - Srila Prabhupada gave us the KRSNA book very early in our development of ISKCON. With Srila Prabhupada's and later Hrdayananda Maaharaja and Gopi parana Dhana Das' commentaries it seems safe to try to read it for nice ISKCON devotees like you and me. If Chapters 29-34 are too agitating, then we will know that and will make proper decisions what parts to read.

And in the beginning, it is mentioned that the Bhagavatam should be read vol. 1 to 12 one after another, but in the introduction of Vol. 6, it is mentioned that any volume has equal value so we can take up any volume according to our requirements.

HpS - Yes. BG 10.11. Tells us Krsna directs the reading a proper initiated devotee. He talks with friends naturally about what to read.

Now I am reading Vol. 10 as revise. It is strongly suggested that without the knowledge of Ras Panchadhya of Vol. 10, no one can understand the real story (Prema ras) of Radha & Krsna.

On the other hand, I am also reading some selected books translated in Manipur such as Ras Panchadhyai of Bhagavatam, Bhajan tattva Chintamani, Sadhan Bhakti Amrita Lahari. It is recommended by Manipuri beisnavas for increasing spiritual sadhana and bhakti seva. These books narrated the asta kal seva, sakhi manjaris, eight directions of Yogapitha of Raslila and sadhak sidhok, gamana gaman, svakiya & parikiya bhava. Some Gayatris & Mantras of Nityanananda, Gouranga, Radha, Krsna. Luckily, I had collected these books more than 10 years before initiation.

I could not complete the book "Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu" it is very very difficult to understand and applied in our simple life.

HpS - Yes, BRS, is very concentrated. Srila Prabhupada has given us a summary study as Nectar of Devotion, and H. H. Dhanurdhara Swami wrote Waves of Devotion which was great help in our being able to understand it. Really we have to understand it to understand the other Rasa sastras. Should be some nice devotees in ISKCON Manipura who can help you. Make a study group with them. We can give suggestions to them.

Sometimes I can see Guruji's lectures on Facebook but could not grasp the sound and meaning. Nowadays, there are so many lectures on Bhagavatam and Gita by ISKCON Bhaktas in Hindi. It helps me so much and unknown stories and incidents of Krsna Bhaktas and Krsna.

HpS - !

Guruji! please rsibad and inspire me to increase my spiritual standard understand the swibya lilas of Radha-Krsna. Without the guidance of Diksha Guru, all our sevas and sadhanas are useless/fruitless. I am practicing sadhok-sidhok seva after following Gurujis footsteps.

I could not write letters in this month, excuse me again.

Yours fallen servant,

Yamunesvara Das

HpS - Your studies seem nice, but seems you need a partner, local Siksa guru. Vana mali Das??? Can't remember names of nice Brahmanas there?

Can you explain the verse: ?

That is good test of whether you are ready to focus on SB 10.29-34