Proposed itinerary for Boise trip

1 year, 3 months ago by Nick Delffs in Calendar Development

Hare Krishna, Guru Deva, please accept my respectful obeisances, and all glories to Srila Prabhupada! 

Here is the proposed itinerary for your stay in New Biharvan Dham:

5th(thurs)- 7pm Gita class? 

7th(sat)- Home program at Balabadra Prabhu’s at 5:30pm. Hamlet and Arjuna? 

8th(sun)-Small Ratha Yatra festival around the temple then Sunday feast lecture at 11:30am-12:30pm

11th(wed)- Program at our home 6pm(not far from temple). Many Neighbor’s here are pantheist type of people and there is a lot of nature around us so I was thinking a class on Light Of The Bhagavata would be really great. What do you think?

13th(fri) - Home program at Jiyad Nrsinga and M. Prema Lila’s home?

ASA - AGTSP .... Accept our obeisances. How far is that??

14th(sat)-Rafting. I have a few boats reserved for this day and I think we can definitely fill them with devotees. 9:45am-3pm is the duration of the run. Very beautiful part of the Payette river. Mellow class 3 rapids. Professional guides that have been doing this particular run for many years.

ASA - Super! We need little deities of Radha Krsna????

15th(sun)- Sunday feast lecture 11:30am-12:30pm

16th(mon)- Chi Gong and Kirtan program. Can you lead us in the Hanuman Goes To Lanka poses?!

HpS - I hope I can lose some fat before then, but I think so.

18th(wed)- Pavitraropana Ekadasi. Small Jhulana Yatra festival and Krishna Book reading.

HpS - Then every night after that. Can be in others houses.

19th and 20th(thurs and Fri)-NOI work shop. M. Kamagayatri will organize. 

22nd(sun)- BALARAMA PURNIMA festival and anniversary of Radha Bankibihari installation. Anantarupa Prabhu will speak, Badrinarayan Maharaja will send a video for us to play and M. Arudha will send something written for one of us to read aloud. I am also going to ask Radhika Raman Prabhu and Gopal Hari Prabhu to send something in if they cannot attend. 

What do you think Maharaja? 

*There will be full Mangala Arrti followed by Bhagavatam class every morning and arrti every evening.

HpS - Super. We can broadcast.

Would you want to walk to the Boise river and back with devotees in the morning sometime? Evening would be nice too.

HpS - Yes. We can video it.

I also want to mention that I will have high quality recording equipment if you wanted to record anything for Dairy [Diary] Of A Traveling Creature-The Last Trip. Also, I’ve recently worked with a professional film maker here in Boise that might be interested in helping the project. If that is at all something you are interested in.

HpS - Very much. In the three weeks in Boise we can innaugurate Boise's participation that will continue through Peru, Nashville, Spain....

We are all very much looking forward to your visit Maharaja. Thank you for engaging me. 

Your aspiring servant,

-Nitisara das

HpS - ASA -- We had long talk with Murari and Kama gayatri Devi Das (and their kids), and

We are trying to fix the dates that Radhika Rama Das can visit. I think it will be the first week in August. With him, then we can try to have teleconferences with scholars such as the Jungians et al.

The Second Week could focus on, Cultivation of the Human SPirit - Light of the Bhagavata. Buy a case from the BBT,

Last week on "Three Minute with a Genius - The Upadasa amrta of Rupa Goswami". Got a case.

We see this as a plateau in the development of New Biharavan, the most important center in ISKCON. One generation is stepping back, another is stepping forward, so we have to have good questions, interviews, publications, from the first generation. What was their vision? What was the result? Pitfalls to avoid. Gold mines to mine. What will be their participation in the next phase?