Boise Programs

1 year, 3 months ago by Nick Delffs in Calendar Development

Hare Krishna Guru Dev, please accept my respectful obeisances and all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

We are all very much looking forward to your visit to Boise. We are eager to start organizing programs for you when the time is right.

How many programs a week would you like to do?

And are you okay with doing some home programs as well as temple programs?

Also, Mother Tulsi wants to have a program on her and her husbands property an hour outside of Boise and she is wondering if would be interested in having a program there. I can get more details if you are interested. Or ask her to write here on the blog.

I have many more questions but don’t want to bombard you with too many.

Your aspiring servant,

-Nitisara das


August 2 - August 24 - AgtSP. Thank you for your association.

  • 18 = Ekadasi. A great day for increased hearing and chanting about Krsna's pastimes.
  • 18-22 = Juhlan yatra. We can swing Radha and Krsna and have different programs for them in the park etc.
  • 22 = Balarama Purnima. Anniversary of installation of Radha Bankibihari. We could have presentations by founders of the Temple. Badri., Anantarupa., M.Arruddha etc. "How new Bihavan has been, and should be, one of the greatest bridges between East and West, Gauranga and Great Potatos"

RrDas (Prof. R. Gupta [et al]) will be coming for the weekends. He has administrative activities other days with the university, so we could be organizing on line seminars on the weekends with different scholars.

Can we refer people from all over the West Coast that want to visit to contact you? Of course, they would have to find clean condos for rent in most cases, no?

  • White water rafting one day?
  • Park other days?
  • Two hours round trip sounds too far... but other safe programs seem fine. Only six weeks so we should stay in touch.

Monkey and Piggy are sailing to New Biharvan with a message for Sita from Rama.