Boise, devotees and programs

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Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja.

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! 


Maharaja, when I called you I could not leave a voice message for some reason. The Boise temple council and other devotees have asked me to call you and see if you are indeed planning to visit in August. There are a handful of new western devotees that would very much appreciate your in person classes and all of the devotees you know here are eager to see you.

I am confident that we can put together some nice home programs, temple programs and possibly an outreach program. We are ready to send you funds so you can buy your plane ticket. Please let us know what we can do.

Bhakta Reilly is living at the temple now and knows you from many years ago. I believe he was aspiring to take initiation from you at one point. He is on a break from his military duties and has been doing so much service at the temple, attending Mangala-arati and chanting consistent rounds. Working his way up. He is teaching me a lot about humility and service attitude.

We have started a new weekly program in Hari Nam park called Chi Gong and Kirtan. Bhakta Sparkle leads a nice Chi Gong exercise then we serve light PrasdaASm (tea and popcorn usually) then we have Kirtan with western instruments followed by a group Japa meditation. It’s a great entry level program it seems. Please give us your blessings for this.

ASA - Great! Great! You can even make the popcorn salty and then charge for the tea. ()

Also, do you have flags? Stick 'em in the ground and you got a carnival tent!


Thank you for the link to Mahabharata and the link to BG verse. It seems like we have a long way to go before second initiation.

HpS - Basically it is this getting up early. It is a habit and that proves very happy and beneficial. Then you will keep it.

Also, thank you for the link to Janis Joplin interview. Pretty fascinating and funny to me on many personal levels. I was inspired by her urgency and the jadedness for the material world. Fame does not seem pleasant.

Very much enjoyed your class on Jayananda Prabhus disappearance. His pastimes told by you are like pure nectar to our ears. So inspiring and emotional.

Thank you Maharaja. Please instruct me.

Your aspiring servant,

-Nitisara das

ASA - We cawl-ed u thrice, but heard no mice. so we will buy tick-ettes [little ticks] to fly to Boise be Gin Ning Aww! Gust!!!

Awww!!! Gusts!!!! 😎

. . . .

... we just tawk-ed on the fone!! Awl kon firm-ed! In three weeks we will make a movie.