Asram ???

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Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:

AGTSP. Pamho

Thanks again and again and again for all the virtual association that you being given [have been giving] to us even before [confronted with] the pandemic state. It is very helpful for our Utsahan

I was wondering if I have an Ashram. I do not considered myself [as] a Brahmacarini, even if I am following strictly all the principles for 6 years. I laugh sometimes when some friends tell me how is it possible that you remain celibate. I always answer is my Guru's mercy ¡¡¡

My father raised me as a boy haha. "You have to study", "You have to earn your own money", "Pay your debts on time", "Be responsible", "Be a good person", etc. He never discuss marriage life with me haha.

My mother always tell me someone may appear and take care of you. I know that you can protect me but as a San[n]yasi. I have to respect the proper etiquette. In the past I remembered that you try to put me in contact with Grhastas like Dayanidhi and his wife, Namacarya when he was married to Esther pffff long time ago haha. But it did not work out.

Then, I recall that you said once that our deities [will] take care of us. So, I guess that I am in that position. I do not picture myself living in a temple. Maybe in the future, I like Novagokula. What do you think?

HpS - ASA --- Hansadutta Maharaja told us that Srila Prabhupada initiated one devotee as Karttikeya Das, and said, "Your name is Karttikeya Das. He is the commander and chief of the demigods. If you fall, we all fall!".

He fell! 🙄


We have been able to follow principles before and since initiation. One dream of illicit life that we may have accepted with too much enthusiasm, but was over 20-years ago, and these passions diminish. The process works!


We have disciples, devotees whom we have initiated who are better Brahmanas, B'caris, than us. We have others who have been involved with serious problems with even very unfortunate situation of abortion.

Kartikeya Das fell. We all fall in some degree. Akrura failed to act properly when he took Krsna away!

If we come back and learn from our mistakes we are sincere. It was an accident.

First, we are devotees, chant Hare Krsna, four regs. Then, question of how to apply that in DVAD comes:

  • Daughter.
  • Wife.
  • Mother.

How many kids did Lord Caitanya's wife, Smt. Visnupriya have?

You are a daughter!

Your determined attempts at marriage have failed, no? So what? 😉 Gandhari didn't have much success with her marriage either.

Julieta (Romeo)?

You have nice sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews.

You know how tough it is for non-devotee girls in Peru!!

This world.

Me as an 'old man', Sannyasi. You as a lady. Others as b'caris etc.

We have to accept the Kali-yuga version of DVAD, and accept it.

Uttara was married for like twenty-five days... then!?

All us guys have to try to deal with Kali-yuga wives. 😁

Your civil Ashrama is daughter. Maybe there will be a Vanaprastha partner? Yet, maybe is best if you just worship your deities and see what your real relationship is.

If the situation in Peru changes for bad with the new government maybe I will need to start over in another country. I am not accustomed to have a miserable material life (in money terms). I have to be honest with that.

So do I have an Ashram? I have that inquiry?

TB/BW - See aforementioned blabber.

I am right now in the day of Jupiter worshiping my Guru with my very little intelligence preparing the class for ISKCON chosica. I am taking advantage of your TPP. I am using my apple 🍎

(MAC) haha. It is pretty useful I do not use ppt so much I use genially instead ( Please your blessings in order to say something useful

Jaya Gurudeva

Jaya SP

Thanks a bunch Gurudeva

Your eternal servant


HpS - ASA - Thank you. First, I want to see people as devotees! Without that, what uniform they are wearing is 99% useless.

Develop your broadcasting of Krsna katha. Build your Sankirtan equipo. Be a part of other equipos, the BIG equipo of Srila Prabhupada.

Let all this dream go!!! ...

Wake up.

. . . .