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1 year, 4 months ago by keving in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hari Bol!

Please accept my humble obeisances Maharaj 🙏 All glories to Sri Guru And Gauranga🙏 All glories to Srila Prabhupad 🙏

HpS - We are about to explode upon receiving and finally being able to read this post! Houston was



V E R Y,

intense Sankirtan for one week, and we are almost recovered and back to our mail etc!!!

Of course, we are all going to die and leave our Sankirtan in the hands of others as we got it from the hands of others, but nice to do what we can while we are here. We look at the sunrise beach photo daily and aspire for your associaction....

I'm doing as you requested Maharaj, to post the Krsna Conscious or Krsna related artworks I've been working on these last months, and I will continue to post whatever super soul guides me to create so that devotees can see as well.

Thank you so much Maharaj, happy to serve you at any time as needed 🙏

Hari Bol! Gauranga!

HpS - O.K. We Publish this posting and then we can see them!!

. . .

Ooof!!! Looked at them. Expanded them and now "Editing" this Post with these words. If PnD has time we would like to see the incoming pictures before we post and be able to remove them as well as add some.

But your stuff reminds us of the original KRSNA book art. We will add a photo of the cover of that book.

Call if you wish.

NgD always asking about you.

Respects to you parents...